Kenya police quotes


The building is under sieke

Robert Ouko broke his arms and legs, poured petrol on himself. Set himself on fire and then shot him self in the head.

the suspect commited suicide using a shoe lace

Utaleta chai ya pesa ngapi?

Nani anataka kujitetea?

Sounds more like Geoffrey Muathe quotes

what happened to that cop that used to fake a crappy usa accent?

Shit was tough to watch, imagine huyo ni baba yako una muona akifanya hivyo.

Maybe he got transferred

Uko na bahati uko online hauwezi tupiwa teargas.

The thugs openned fire, my mboys returned fire and all of them were fatally shot. We recovered a toy pistol!

:D:D:D:D Classic.

We will leave no stone unturned