Kenya Police Murderers At It Again...

Mr Henry Wanga Aura was arrested on Friday evening after an altercation with his wife.
His mother, Ms Rosenael Aura, said he was found dead on Saturday morning at the Ragana police post where he had been detained.
“He had a scuffle with his wife. I was in my house and only heard his wife shouting.
Nobody was willing to share what had ensued so I took it as a normal family difference,” Mrs Aura said.


The wife later filed an assault case which prompted police officers to apprehend Mr Wanga. She fled after learning of his death.
Mrs Aura said she realized her son was dead when she took him food on Saturday morning.
“I brought him breakfast but the officer on duty was reluctant to allow me to see him. I became suspicious and called his brothers.
That’s when we were told he had died. The officer said he hung himself the previous night using a shirt.”

Residents of Ragana village in Migori County at the police post where a teacher died while in police custody, April 3, 2021.

[SIZE=6]Residents protest[/SIZE]

Protesting residents jammed the police post demanding to be told exactly what happened, with the majority reading mischief in the report by the police officers.
They raised concerns about alleged extrajudicial killings by police officers at the recently established Ragana police post.
Mr Pappine Odongo, who accused the police officers of using excessive force when handling suspects, said the death might have been the result of torture.
“We are tired of these officers. Everyone who is apprehended and men are often dealt with severely.
We demand to know exactly what transpired because the victim was found lying on the floor of the police cell with visible head injuries,” Mr Odongo said.

He claimed that several people, including his elder brother, have been manhandled by the officers to the extent of suffering impairments,
“Last week, my elder brother was senselessly beaten by the officers for flouting curfew rules. He is currently bed-ridden.
I am appealing to the inspector-general of police to order investigations,” he said.

[SIZE=6]Investigation launched[/SIZE]

Suna West Sub-county Police Commander, Mr Wilson Nduati, visited the scene.
Mr Nduati said investigations into the incident were launched.
“I cannot give any tangible report for now, but we are investigating the incident and will take appropriate action,” he said.
Mr Wanga’s body was taken to the Migori County mortuary for an autopsy.

Hizo Takataka haziwezi deal na real criminals such as cattle rustlers wa Pokot, they find soft targets. Walitombwa Baragoi kama malaya walevi.

Respect our police. They are the reason you can have the peace to hike your wife’s big belly every night…

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Blue Lives Matter

Blame the wife for starting all this shit …alafu anajileta asubuhi na breakfast SMH


DCI and IPOA will launch separate investigations and an expert post mortem report and DNA swabs will reveal what actually transpired, just because people work in the same profession doesn’t mean they have the same view on service delivery.

Bibi anakuliwo na D-,bwana finds out and starts pummeling the wife like a burukenge,wife calls the D- for assistance to take the wife beater and try to ‘talk’ to him but the osband ishot headed and “hangs himself” in the cells.

If you think that you are man enough to beat a woman then you are man enough to be beaten to death by the police. The strength differentials are directly proportional. Kudos to the KPS for giving one more woman a peace of mind, he was probably going to kill her if he got out. Thanks police for saving a woman’s life. Paybill yenu iko wapi tutume kakitu for the good work of saving women’s lives.

Tell that to Wanga’s mother.

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Alikosa kuskiza elders akaamua askize Kunguru…kaona ngano sasa

I have a similar sentiment, this ia nothing but a love triangle gone awry. Why separate what God has put together. This burukenge and the wife should be prepared for a miserable dog life. They’ll pay for it.

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A Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldier is reported to have died on Sunday morning, April 4, after a brutal fight with his wife at their home in Kahawa Wendani, Kiambu County. The 37-year-old soldier was pronounced dead on arrival at the Kahawa Garrison Health Centre in Kiambu County, a few hours after the fight. According to a report by the DCI detectives who visited the scene, Daniel Omollo Onyango and his wife begun fighting a few hours after midnight on Saturday, April 3. It is reported that the KDF solder bit his wife on the shoulder leading to a fight.

Secular artiste Violet Asela Emu aka Zian Achama.

At the time, the deceased’s wife had already contacted Kahawa Garrison’s health centre requesting for an ambulance to drive her husband to the clinic.
“They travelled to the hospital with this car (a Toyota Vitz), but before they could get to the hospital, they met the ambulance rushing to the house and had the nurse check on the officer. The nurse pronounced him dead and asked them to go back home with the body and call the police,” another witness narrated.
At around 7:40am, regular police officers accompanied by DCI detectives from Githurai Kimbo police station learnt of the officer’s death through a call made to the station by the deceased’s colleague.

KDF soldier Daniel Onyango who was killed at Kahawa Wendani, Nairobi, on April 4, 2021.

Asela’s husband, Daniel Omollo Onyango, a Kenya Defense Forces officer, died following a physical fight between the couple at their home in Kahawa Wendani.

“We did not understand what they were arguing about but they have lately been having issues,” neighbours told Nation.Africa.

The report reveals that his wife bit him back on the left thumb, left hand, right side of the chest, and at the back of the shoulder.
Onyango was then rushed to a military health facility after developing convulsions.

The neighbors told the officers that they heard some commotion between Violet Asale Emu and her husband at night.
The husband died at the medical center upon arrival. The wife was then advised by the doctors to seek the help of police officers.
At around 7:40am, regular police officers accompanied by DCI detectives from Githurai Kimbo police station learnt of the officer’s death through a call made to the station by the deceased’s colleague.
The late Onyango was based at the Gilgil Barracks. The detectives are yet to determine the exact cause of his death.
Meanwhile, Emu will remain in custody as further investigations are carried out

Preliminary investigation established that the deceased was furious about the one-bedroom house that his wife had rented and was demanding to know who pays the rent and who the other tenants are.
“So angry was the officer that he refused to partake the night’s dinner. This led to an argument resulting into a physical fight at about 1am in which the deceased bit his wife on the shoulder. The wife also bit the deceased’s finger, right side of the chest and back of the shoulder,” an investigator told Nation.Africa.
[SIZE=6]Screaming for help[/SIZE]
Detectives said the deceased’s relatives forced their way into the couple’s bedroom when they heard the officer’s wife screaming and found him lying still on the floor.
“His wife asked them for help in resuscitating him but they could not do much. He was already convulsing,” the police said.
“Realising he had developed convulsions and was sliding to his death, the wife rushed him to Kahawa Garrison Health Centre but it was too late to save his life. His body was cold and without a pulse,” DCI George Kinoti said on Twitter.
The officers then arrested the deceased’s wife, aunt and sister but released the latter two after questioning and recording their statements.
The officer’s wife will be arraigned in court on Tuesday as the murder investigations continues.
The deceased’s body was moved to Forces Memorial awaiting postmortem. The house has since been locked declared a crime scene.

An autopsy report conducted on a Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) soldier who was reported to have died after being bitten by his lover at their Kahawa Wendani home on Sunday, April 4, has emerged.

Daniel Omollo Onyango

The autopsy has debunked the widely reported claim that Daniel Omollo Onyango was bitten to death as pathologists established that he was pushed down in a way that made him unable to breathe for a prolonged time.

The post mortem examination, conducted by KDF pathologists together with the chief government pathologist at the Kenya Defense Forces Memorial Hospital revealed that the soldier died of low oxygen concentration in the blood.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Onyango was pushed down to the ground to the point of suffocation.

The circumstances under his death remain unclear as his wife, the main suspect in the murder, maintained that she was acting in defense as her husband was trying to hurt her.

Violet Asale - So manly she held her husband down till he suffocated!

“He fainted. During the scuffle, I freed myself and left him in the bedroom. When he gets angry he likes throwing things in the house and self-harming,” defended the musician who claims to have heard him calling out moments later that he was struggling to breathe.

“He started holding his stomach, I don’t know where he hit himself,” said Asale.

According to witnesses, also Asale’s relatives, the woman pushed Onyango to the wall after which the KDF soldier collapsed.

Investigations carried out also revealed that the deceased had bite marks on his chest and injuries on his hand, while Asale sustained injuries on her shoulder.

The 37-year-old soldier, who was based at the Gilgil Barracks, had traveled home from Gilgil to confirm his wife’s claims of having hired a studio at Mirema Drive in Roysambu, Nairobi, that he had not agreed to.

A few hours later, Onyango and his wife begun fighting after the midnight hours of Saturday, April 3, which was followed by the death of the soldier on arrival to Kahawa Garrison Health Centre in Kiambu County.

The musician, who also goes by the stage name, Zian Achana, said that she was actively looking for a lawyer to represent her during the hearing of the case on Tuesday, April 6.