Kenya police disregard of law during investigation killing cases

We saw this first during the investigation of deputy cj where police stormed her office and did a search without a warrant. Good lawyers waited for the opportunity to use that to throw the case out. Currently the chief pathologist handling Cohen’s case has removed himself from the case, or rather been thrown out by the Kinoti team simply because he wasn’t happy how from day one how the DCI team was operating without caring about the law especially on the crime scene. Any fool knows that a crime scene is secured as long as a case is going on,but by Kinoti inviting press and every villager to the scene, that in itself will render the crime scene inadmissible. Then when the case is thrown out you will hear how Kenyans will throw insults everywhere just because of someones negligence.

I do not understand. How is the presence or absence of media at the scene going to affect the outcome of the post morterm report.

His handle betrays him and i can bet he has picked this post from muharo. com

Then change your handle to not so greedy fool. Kuna kitu inaitwa forensics, ask yourself why they even take footprint plasters, maybe during the construction or hiding the body the killers would have left a crucial evidence. Fungua macho si mdomo

Yes I am a fool. Please explain why and don’t ask me more questions because I am a fool.

I admit I am also a fool
Wewe Ni mwerevu…so educate us

From my little knowledge,the cops or rather the prosecution has to prove

1.Cohen is dead

2.Cohen was murdered

3.The suspect (wife),had intentions to kill him …yaani malice aforethought

4.Conduct of the accused

Sijui crime scene itamsaidiaje if one of the guys he hired becomes state witness Na aseme vile kuliendaga

Hapo ndio inaitwa circumstantial … Circumstantial cases are not easy to prosecute my friend

It does not, under no circumstance is the DCI obligated to invite the defense to the crime scene.

Besides Kinoti going to the media was a ploy to control the narrative as opposed to bald Murgor and his papers.

That motherfuckerrrrr actually asks why the DCI is standing before the DPP

Wacha uongo

Witness X admits and says he was paid 10K by suspect to eliminate the husband

What’s circumstantial about that?

That’s direct evidence

Actually that’s hearsay, which is circumtancial evidence sv

Mko Na uongo mingi Sana

A statement in court by witness is hearsay?

Sometimes kuimbia chura ni shida, wanasemanga kama MTU haelewi haelewi