Kenya owes China (Ksh 804.8 Billion) more money than the next top 7 country lenders combined

Niko na maswali kadhaa.

  1. Mbona tusi-clear no 6 to 7 because we can?

  2. Tuliomba Denmark na Finland pesa lini?

  3. Why is US so low yet they can afford to give us triple the amount China gives? Btw the aid we get from them is 2x the debt we have with them.


Deni ya china is high because they built SGR, Lamu Port, bypasses, ol karia geothemal, northen collector tunnel, karimenu dam, thakwe dam etc. Hao wazungu hatuna deni coz all they do is build toilets in slums and distribute mosquito nets and hold workshops to lecture kenyans on democracy.

Exactly. Hata kama tulikopa, at least the former leaders were prudent enough to spend it on tangible projects. Hii ya kina arror mtalilia choo

Africa has the resources to loan the entire world obscene amounts of money but what happen is


Just curious…
Is there a country that owes Kenya any amount ? :D:D …
Why is UK not on the list ? :rolleyes:

Wazungus mostly give grants instead of commercial loans

What projects have wazungu undertaken in kenya?

Governance, security upgrades, research funding etc