Kenya overtakes China..

In number of reported Covid 19 cases. This will happen today.

You are very poor in maths

Anyone who believes anything from CPP have a bonobo IQ

And from Kenyan government too

Tupatie figures za China

China have been concealing their actual figures.
Its like this disease started way back in September 2019 in Huabei province, not Wuhan.

China might have bungled the initial response but it was in Wuhan that the first mass outbreak was discovered.

Local officials walijaribu kuficha Beijing but when Xi realised what they had was serious and novel, they quickly locked Hubei province, sequenced the genome and shared with the world.

Turns out that hii kitu ilikua US even before the Wuhan outbreak. Si mimi nimesema… Ni CDC


The virus never even started in a wet market. Those fuckers enforced a lockdown when their hospitals were overwhelmed. We all read what happened in Italy, US and elsewhere when the hospitals were overwhelmed. Do you think China waa any better. China’s population is 10 folds to that of US. Why then do they try to lie that only less than 5k people died?
It’s their misleading data that made the world take the disease lethality with a pinch of salt.
They could not allow flights to Hubei to other places in China but couldn’t tell the world why they were doing so, and the only reason is they want the shait spread far and wide

chinese flu

Unless the newyorker is a ccp mouthpiece

There are talkers who are in China and have confirmed that life there iko normal

Straight back to your anus negroe…
leta kitu kama @Sambamba

ama io uPost kwa family whatsapp group…

Tanzania there is no single case of covid

Finally, as predicted

china doesnt have free press those figures cannot be trusted