Kenya opens new embassy in Rabat, Morocco

This is wasting money, they could have opened one in Poland (Kenyans in Poland have to go to Germany to get services) which has many Kenyans compared to racist and dirty Arabs in Morocco. Fuck Kenya Kwisha.

There are more Kenyans in Poland (50k+) than there are Kenyans in Morocco (2k)

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Hii selikali inafanya kanzi mbuana.

Nitatumia nambii na ngashangua maembe nyingi sana kuwaambia asanteni


Agreed! Kenyans don’t understand how diplomacy actually works.


how does it work

We kila saa ni kusema, Kenyans don’t…nyef nyef nyef!! does it work when an African Nation opens its borders to other Africans?

Wakulima wote kenya hutegemea Morocco, hakuna kitu tunategemea kutoka Poland.

Morocco ina manufaa mingi kwa taifa letu kuliko Poland


usikue ignorant elder. hujui importance ya Morocco kwa countries za Africa?

Ye mann! Tru dat! :green_emoji:

And they will still not shikanisha caustic sarcasm. Since when did the op americunt wannabee @Aka_mpole ever did?

I followed the link, hoping to read this same comment of yours here in X, but alas! Didn’t see it there. Hii gavaa iache kuharibu pesa za uma.

True… They should have opened one in Warsaw. I have four friends working in Wrocław.

My two friends relocated from Boston to Poznan to work for an American company that is operating in Eastern Europe. They told me passport ikiisha pages (they travel alot due to the nature of their jobs) they have to go to Berlin to replace the passport. If we had an Embassy in Warsaw ingekuwa poa.

Securing your interests first and foremost.

Dont be daft. We had a Moroccan honorary consul who dealt with that issue efficiently. Farmers don’t need a whole Embassy when everything can be done online.

Kenyans in Poland need an Embassy for various purposes. Europe remittance is the third biggest behind US and Gulf

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Nitatuma maoni yangu privately kwa bwana PS.

Stop attacking @applebee100 for stating the obvious. He is an high IQ guy and if you ask nicely he can guide you. An Ivy League graduate for that matter.

The PS is not your mother and is not interested in your meffi opinion.
just shove it deep inside your filthy anus

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You think everyone is a peasant like you? I am sorry about your predicament. If I want to reach PS directly, I would.

spare a bit of your time and watch this findio. the man has a point.

Let me watch right now