Kenya only has 500 ICU beds

Wah! Some counties have zero ICU beds. NTV with Ken Mijungu #together

Pipeline mutajua hamujui. You are defying curfew. Army will be with you kesho. Mutapigwa wacha ile ya Likoni

Around 100 beds national wide

Wah. It’s obvious that atheism can’t work in a country with 100 ICU beds in a Corona outbreak



Kupata bed ya ICU ni noma ajabu huku kenya. Tuliwai kua na mgonjwa MTRH miezi tatu hapati bed kapsaa, afazi ivo skuizi zisha ongezwa

500? Hizo zimetoka wapi? Niliacha beds ziko completr na vent ni kama mia na ishiri hivi…

KU hospital might have added most, plus hizi private hospitals

Kuna vents ngapi KU?

What happens if God forbid 1k people need ventilators and ICU we just watch them die? Africans we joke alot.

More MPs than ICU beds.


1000 vents? Hehehee… What about 100,000? At some point in Italy, they were needing vents at a rate of 300 new vents every day, and once on a vent, many patients will need to be on it for weeks, so the vents will not be free for new patients the next day. Only patients below 60 years were put on vents in Italy. Older patients were left on the corridors gasping for air. So as you can see, there are not enough vents ANYWHERE in the world for a covid 19 pandemic.

KNH almost has about 35+ including neonatal and pediatric.
500 is false. if you include other hospitals maybe 120 hivi

It will be nothing but guaranteed death. That’s why the only fix is total quarantine. It’s not even the ICU beds that are the problem. How many nurses are even trained in intensive care. Each patient will need round the clock watching. 24/7. By the time a person lands in ICU, his health is delicate. One 4 second miss and you are gone. They are constantly resuscitating you medically. Mara your heart is beating too slow. Dawa. Mara oxygen has dropped. Ventilator increase pressure. Mara sodium is too low to sustain you. Dawa. Sijui your blood pressure has dropped to 50… How many docs are even trained for this.
Problem with praising leaders and senior people who pilfer funds needed for a failing healthcare system is that you pay with your life. A small tip of the balance and you are gone. That Prado V8 Anyang Nyongo purchased for his wife was repurposed from 4-6 ICU beds.

500 what??
Kenya has only 162 beds,some of them arent working.Kaunti 22 hazina ICU kabisa,Maabara 2 za kupima corona zote zipo NAIROBI

Isiolo governor alinunua V8 za 28Mirrion mbili.
Death should begin with him

Kenya hizo ventilators zitakuwa za billionaires.