Kenya Now Begging China to Stop Exporting Fish To Kenya. Africans Mlirogwa

Kenya has reiterated its intention to ban fish imports from China, the National Assembly’s Committee on Agriculture has confirmed.
The move aims to protect local fisheries and fishermen in East African nation.
The committee intends to introduce legislation in the parliament seeking to abolish fish import to the East African nation to protect local fishermen and other fishing resources against foreign exploitation.


Workers handling frozen fish from China at a deport in Kisumu

“We have to protect our resources and fishermen, who must get the maximum benefit out of the natural resources we have,” a member of the committee said.
In 2019, Kenya recorded an annual fish production of 146,687 metric tonnes which also included 102,331 from freshwater production, 18,542MT from aquaculture and 23,700MT from marine resources.
A report compiled by the Global Fish Watch tracker between May and August revealed that Kenyan waters held more than 230 vessels with a larger percentage of these vessels being foreign-owned.
Most of these ships belong to countries like Italy, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong recording approximately 50,000 hours within the Kenyan water boundary.
Several reports indicate that fishmongers from various parts of Kenya were supplementing their daily stock with imported fish from China to meet local demands.
Traders and buyers said the imported fish were actually cheaper compared to the locally acquired variety.
The matter of Chinese fish flooding Kenyan local markets sparked diplomatic unease between Nairobi and Beijing in 2018 when President Uhuru Kenyatta said Kenyan government officials should find ways of curtailing the imports.
Kenya, on the other hand, has had a wide deficit of fish in the local market, therefore, warranting the need to have foreign imports.
China still accounted for the largest share of fish that were imported from the world, raking in 70 percent of the total value of shipment in 2020.

National Assembly’s Committee on Agriculture is looking for bribes.

It’s the height of absurdity, that we import fish from the Far East into Kisumu, and that our own fish in Kisumu is quite expensive. Whoever bewitched us must be dead.

The fish in Lake Victoria is depleted due to overfishing for several years. And hyacinth depleted oxygen levels. As a result, fishermen have to go deep into the lake to catch very little fish. Prices are therefore high. Developed countries have fallow periods on waters used for commercial farming. At certain periods of the year, fishing is prohibited. So that the fish can recreate.
Government should turn its resources to farm bred fish. Lake Victoria should be declared a National Park available for fishing 5 months a year.

Overfishing is certainly an issue, because there isn’t much else that the people near the lake depend on. Fish farming is definitely a great option to replenish the country’s fish market. But I"m wondering about the availability of water for the venture. I remember there were efforts to kill/harvest the hyacinth. What became of that? Surely we shouldn’t lose the lake to the weed.

Kibaki tried getting people into fish farming. Ninjas invested. Built ponds and got fish to breed. Everyone mpaka in Central did it. Market ikakosa.Ninjas gave up.

Then if the bribe will be too small to make mps happy, they will proceed with legislation… then just before it becomes a law, president of China will call President of Kenya with a threat of increasing interest rate on commercial loan ya SGR. The president of Kenya will then call muturi and child water will be poured on the bill … and just like that the bill never existed. This is Africa

Kibaki introduced fishing in Central to finish raila’s fish economy in nyanza…it didn’t work

Lake Victoria fish is too expensive. Most of the dried fish sold in kisumu and nairobi comes from Lake Turkana. Most of fish fillet sold in nairobi is imported from Uganda. Also if kenya exports beef, goat and even donkey meat, then it should also accept imported fish from china and elsewhere. How come no one complains about the salmon, prawns and king crabs imported from europe that i normally see kwa supermarkets like carrefour?

Fucking stupid. Kenya has a major shortage. The bonobos who are are supposed to manage our fish resources can’t do it competently.

Our tiny strip of lake Victoria cannot produce enough fish for the whole country. You cannot force people to eat low quality overpriced bones when there’re cheaper alternatives. People will find a way to import the fish.

It says a lot about a country when fish grown and imported 10,000 kilometers away are cheaper than fish grown in your vicinity.

Another thing. According to the World Trade Organization rules. China will have a right to retaliate to maintain the trade balance. We really really really cannot afford a trade war with china. Even America has been feeling the pinch.

Nobody is going to brine them. China will just retaliate and find a new market for their fish

Hmm but Whatever his motivation, the point is commercial fish farming as an alternative to nyanza and other areas, didn’t work…

Kinbaki’s goal was to make Kenya a net exporter of fish and probide poor people of Central with sustainable income from their small farms. Central people don’t eat fish in general because they HATE the smell of vitamin B collide that seeps out of the skin as sweat when you eat fish. Claiming Kibaki wanted to finnish the matket for fish when no one in central eats fish is uniformed and plain stupid. Ata ukienda Naivasha hakuna wakikuyu huvua masamaki. Luos come all they from kisumu to fish those nasty things. but when ODM took over the ministry they decided to scuttle the project out of petiness, jealousy, and sheer ignorance

Central peoples palates are not made for fish. Its not really the smell. Hell, even people from around the lakes dont really like fish. Waluhya, Wakisii, Wakuria dont really eat fish. I am not sure if Kibaki had a sustainable plan for fish, at least selling it locally. You cant really create traditions out of thin air. Eating fish is an acquired taste.

HE WANTED TO CREATE AN EXPORT INDUSTRY. Do people in Naivasha eat flowers? Flower farming is today Kenya’s biggest export earner hands down the most reliable forex earner. It does rely on tourists and their seasonal feelings. Am shocked that the government allocates ZERO funds to help the sector grow and expand.

The moment we realise that fish doesnt have to come from a natural lake or river and can be farmed is when we will get fish secure. Huko asia everyone is farming fish in their backyard just like we keep chicken and that is why fish is plenty and cheap over there.!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_894_577/image.jpg

Zinakulwa. It does allocate funds.

They are organized. Time we borrowed an idea or two

Arah, na vile samak ya lake imevuliwa sahii ni expe kuliko izo za mchina.Ama watu ya central haikuli samak?

Where did you get this from? This can be my Good part time hobby.