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EXCLUSIVE: DNA results of Kakamega ‘identical twins’ who met after 20 years WITHHELD
Edward Chweya 2 weeks ago
The DNA results of the famous suspected twins from Kakamega county who met after 20 years have been withheld by Lancet Kenya.

A source who spoke to Viusasa on condition of anonymity revealed that Lancet Kenya has refused to release the results until all payments are made.

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The three girls who caused a stir in the country Photo/Nation

So far, close to KSh 81,000 is needed for the results to be available for the families of Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo, who met on Facebook after their photos looked alike.

Lancet is demanding KSh 81,000 to release the DNA results

Lancet Kenya says the results are ready and will be available for the families when the girls go home for mid-term, but the arrears must be settled.

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The girls with their mothers

Results from the DNA test have been kept a secret, with Viusasa obtaining conversations urging those in the know to avoid speaking to the media.

An appeal made to members of the Multiples to Multiples society on Whatsapp requesting them to help raise the money for the results to be released.

This comes even as well-wishers who had pledged to fund the DNA testing allegedly failed to honour their pledges.

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Sharon Mathias and Melony Luteyo strongly believe they are sisters and twins

Now a crowd-funding campaign has been initiated to help raise the remaining money for the families to know the truth about the identities of the three girls in the puzzle.

The initiative is spearheaded by the Multiple Society, a group that brings together mothers with twins, triplets, quadruplets or more.

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@Mathaais ulizaa twins ukaingia mitini?

Uwes si ulipe tu hio bill mara moja, mtoto wa shemeji ajue ukweli. Na huwa unasema unapenda watoto.

Baadaye uchukuwe kifaranga moja ikuwe second wife. So win win. Itakuwa ni kama ushalipa dowry.

The last time i checked…Kemri had volunteered to test them for free

Sasa hata Viusasa imekuwa news agency?