Kenya navy ni bure kabisa

Majama walikua wanataka wapewe credit zote za iyo retrieving mission kumbe Hakuna Kitu wanaweza[ATTACH=full]264774[/ATTACH]

mimi mahali niko nimeamua tu Mungu ndio anatulindaga…juu anyone with bad intentions za kuvamia nchi via sea and has been watching the upus amepata motivation…

How do you authenticate sucphone calls…anyone can decide to make up this conversation. Receipts ni muhimu.
Anyway this tragedy was to some extent a blessing in disguise we now know we is on our own.

:D:D:D:Di can only laugh

Systems and institutions… Kill them and you might as well pick a rope and hang

We gati gaka wi ciuria juuru muno.
Nani ako na time ya kufanya upuzi kama huo

You greatly underestimate the stupidity of kenyans including yourself meffi

I doubt it is scripted. Lakini whoever put that call out on the net is very stupid. Kama yeye ni journalist basi ni mjinga sana. How do you anika your source hivyo tu?

Wewe kama ni kondoo kazi nikufuata bila kuuliza masawali shikilia apo… but i refuse to follow blindly.

Kenyan journalist dont give a fuck about the truth as long as they are the first to break the news… juzi i happened to run into a standard newspaper report at the own a home expo. He asked for an interview and i obliged… five days later the interview was on the newspaper word for word he didn’t bother to counter check what i told him.

navy ni bure. Ata AirForce sidhani kama wako poa vile

My thoughts exactly.


Actually,our Navy is among the best in Africa. They’ve been able to achieve much where others failed. Any negative opinion ni meffffiiiiiiiii:meffi::meffi::meffi::meffi:

hii ni kenya baba,bonobo zone,watu hawana filter ya mdomo,anyone can say anything conflictive on tv,radio without second thought of reprisals.making up convo is the least of troubles…and for what purpose btw?

Maffii ya dogii pia wewe

Nappy seal ni meffi ya umbwa ilikufa last year
Cc @uwesmake

If Al shambulia decide to invade us at 50m underwater, we are toast since our navy has a problem working at that depth