kenya most overated foods

Allow me to put forward a list of Kenya’s most overrated food. These foods if on menu, go at a cost with low value for money.

  1. Peas aka minji
  2. Choma, fry
  3. Chips (waru)
  4. Mix
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Agreed on minji. Add mbaazi to that list.

Avocado has to be the most overrated food ever.
mutura imeblessiwa ndio usikufie kwa choo wakati imedecide kutoka bila notice

Overrated based on what criteria? Nutritional value or price…or hype?

I love minjii so much bro.

True about minji. They’re just luxury beans.

na chapo ni celeb…

Na nyinyi na minji ni nini? Si mkule maharagwe tu muachane na minji…

For me it has to be rice. Haishibishi.

Makondofia is very nutritious. Some people don’t even consider it a fruit. It’s a superfood

@Kihii Kiaganu, chots have been fired. Your life’s work of convincing villagers that avocados are superfoods is about to be destroyed
Utajibu ukiwa upande gani?

For me ugali is not my favorite food. I can go for weeks without eating it and I don’t miss it. I ate too much of it growing up I think I have had enough of it

Anyone who serves me ndengu officially becomes my enemy whether they become aware of it or not.

Pilau is the most overrated food. just rice with some coloring and spices. And a few pieces of meat of you are lucky.

Mukimo is another overrated food. it is simply Githeri na waru. Or minji, waru, na mahindi. kwanza siku hizi they just cook it with artificial coloring, hakuna genuine greens.


In general , Kenyan cuisine is shit. we should borrow at least few cuisine shots from west African and Indians.

achana na pilau njeriii.