Kenya Medical Research Institute Kemri

Covid 19 has reaffirmed bonobos place as a pretty backward race. A casual look at this institution tell me it has been in existence since 1979. YES, 1979.

Now, Africa is relying on the west and east desperately begging and waiting for their vaccines. Im very sure such research institutions are all over in countries all over africa even in the more advanced economies like SA. But other than the madagascar concotion of last year, nothing has come from the dark continent. Some of our leaders like maghufuli even denied existence of the disease instead of showing leadership at this critical moment leading to the death of many. Makena herself a local church leader is busy stealing these foreign jabs.

What buffles me is, what is wrong with our education systems. Clearly science is the same all over the world. But In africa we produce engineers, doctors, scientists and IT guys who do a fraction of what others do. In innovation and product development we do almost nil. Thats why we import everything be it medicine,machinery and even weapons to kill ourselves like somalia. Africa cannot save itself in the wake of any calamity.

One day these jungus will decide to eliminate us and all they will do is put some deadly pathogen in condoms and that will be the end of us, because that activity is where we excel. Instead of funding research we fund useless things like bbi, politician cars and their security. Quite useless. End of rant.

Which vaccine has been produced by a research institute?

Which vaccine has been produced in the east that Africa is begging for?

Now that his tribal king is going to retire next year. @Dunya turns into a critic of government institutions. Very foolish bonobo.

A Covid 19 Vaccine has only been made by 5 countries; Russia,China,The US, Britain/Sweden.

Vaccine Manufacture isn’t easy, most developed countries haven’t even succeeded in making one yet.

Recently saw an an article that everyone made bets on different researches that were going on in the world, most of Europe and India funded Astra Zeneca and Moderna which succeeded.

Lots of countries funded vacciness that haven’t succeeded and probably won’t for a long time, example being Japan whose own vaccine last I checked was in human trials.

You may add Germany because of BioNtech, it pioneered the mRNA vaccine technology and sought Pfizer for product positioning and manufacturing

Russia has sputnik, china has sinovac. Africa has nothing. Those vaccines were developed by a research institute whether public owned or private. And even if you go with your argument, WHY NOT IN AFRCA? Ama science is different here. Can africa not have pharmaceutical companies ama kazi ni ku import panadol na condoms?

Africa produces best IT and Engineers

What have we funded, and mind you im talking of Africa, a land mass of more than fifty countries

Are you not part of Africa, do your part.

Regarding KEMRI, nothing will come out of that place. Hiring is never based on competence but nepotism and tribalism. Rarely do you see their job adverts yet it employs thousands of people.

Then, funding is mainly for salaries only. KEMRI requires over a Billion per year for research only for it to have any impact

The question is, why haven’t we tried developing one ? Dr. Koech, he who of Kemron ferked KEMRI to it’s knees.
@Dunya , our African Brothers and Sister dot most of the top world Institutions, all we need to do is call them back and create a conducive working environment for them.

Now replicate KEMRI to the whole of Africa. See where we are?

I remember Australia was working on a vaccine that was producing positive results for HIV, so they stopped it.

Half a century as independent states we still look up to our masters for nearly everything. I hate that we don’t even want to join hands and form a single economic block. ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS and EYE GAMBIA are doing a great job reviving the lost Pan African glory.

Typical bonobo behaviour reacting to news instead of researching and coming up with an informed opinion. You are no different from the people you accuse of mediocrity. Kama hungesoma hiyo article ya vaccine ungeandika hii rant? Do you understand the amount of investment and environment that leads to vaccine development, the kind of culture and societal work ethic required to foster research habits?

finish that mteso @Abba

I’m resilient and can’t be finished easily. I’m a seasoned tortoise

This is a good thread and as usual a bottom feeder is tarnishing it

Old government institutions like Kemri should not be mentioned for such advancements. They are looting chambers. If anything the advancements should come from university research. At least they have a motive to succeed, if well funded.

Kemri can never compete with first world pharmaceutical companies in creating medications. Simply don’t have the capabilities.

:D:D:D:D:D:D Samehea sisi bwana. Lakini kuna kaukweli kwa hii rant. Kuna watu huka university for five plus years studying pharmacy only for them to spend the rest of their lives buying Panadol and Actal in industrial area to go sell in umoja and kayole. Sad!

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@Abba ukiamua ni kubomoa kabati you don’t fool around.