Kenya media personalities now being paid to promote homosexuality


kumbe wasee comments wanakashifu

hio stuff haijaenea

@Aka mpole ameweka link ya Citizen saa hii tu on the same topic.

Mimi nitasema tu watu wakule ujeuri, na bado. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Kenya will have a ga.y cabinet secretary very very soon. Very soon your kids might come home and declare themselves homos because they will in fact be taught to be homos in school!

They are seeing it on tv, on cartoons in music videos etc.

What do you mean “very very soon”?

You mean very very soon ya 2013, 2017 ama 2022?
He us there already. As are some governors

As usual @patco likes this

Kwani umesahau kutumia your trolling handle? Unajiexpose aje mchana tena on a weekday?

Wacha watu wakule kiburi pole pole. They said they want to build back better hawataki stori za Maga. Now see. Na bado

Homosexuality will become widespread in the whole world soon. Just before the second coming of Christ

Two weeks ago I posted here in detail what’s happening around