Kenya: Looters and Grabbers, the book that everyone is talking about

Download read, give your opinion. No comments kama hujasoma

Kenyans can never waste a chance to be corrupt even on a book talking of corruption.

Thanks hi kitabu nime itafuta sana

I’ll give this man his Sh2000 and get the book legally.

asante sana brathe

Lakini unasoma pdf version as you type this sio :smiley:



who banned the book?

Booksellers are refusing to stock it in fear. Kina Biwott used to sue bookstores for billions just for carrying a book critical of them.

He could have self published on Amazon or Google and easily reached a worldwide audience.

Thanks. Let’s all discuss this book on Saturday or Sunday. What do you guys think?

Nani atasoma hio 666 pages atuletee summary asking for a fellow

Freaking 38 chapters. Hebu nisome halafu tujue kama ntalipa… 2k is a reasonable fee… Ile ya Leakey 20k siwesmake @uwesmake ulirudi papaaa… Ama bado uko alias!? @LIEN

ahsande sana. mi empress @MaryJane kuja tusome hii kitabu over the weekend :stuck_out_tongue:


Kweli tuta discuss kitabu umedownload illegally on a Sunday? Saitan!

Ngamia tulia! Nitatumia writer thao mbili

swafi natuma thao mbili kesho

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