Kenya lifts ban on lesbian film, making it eligible for Oscars

A Kenyan judge temporarily lifted a ban on an acclaimed film portraying a lesbian relationship on Friday, making it eligible to be entered for a Foreign Language Oscar, delighting the filmmakers but angering the censor.

“Rafiki” - “Friend” in Swahili - premiered at Cannes, the first Kenyan film to be selected by the prestigious festival.

Hailed by critics as a “sweet” romance about two young women who live in the same Nairobi housing estate, it was banned at home on the grounds that it promotes homosexuality, which is a criminal offence a colonial-era law.

Good Evening!

Meffi judge…

Looking forward to cheering these queens at Dolby Theater in 2019

This country keeps disap… Er… Let me preserve my whiny comment for an Uhuru is Meffi thread

We should encourage our film industry not sifle it. That judgement was a good one

Sawa homosapien


Spineless top kenyan leadership bending over to accommodate degeneracy!

Just because they win a medal doesn’t mean we have to break kenya value system.

Those women actors are merely posturing for Western aid set aside to spread activities that break up family systems.

Museveni, Magufuli, and Kagame must be horrified.

What does the constitution say anyways?

Yeah. But if the only exception to breaking the rules is for your film to be gay, what sort of precedence does that set?

justice Wilfrida Okwany

It was sanctioned by a court of law and I don’t see where the country’s top leadership was involved. You have to respect court rulings otherwise anarchy will be the other alternative.

Filmmaker here… This is bullshit. Yaani nchi mzima haiwezi vumilia lesbian romance for 2 hours for the sake of inclusiveness, lakini wakiskia Oscar nominations zinaanza na one of the requirements ni “a theatrical run in it’s home country for at least one week”, wanatoa hiyo ban for exactly 7 days, juu wanajua hakuna any other Oscar-worthy film in Kenya currently.
Hata kama ni kupenda Oscar, this is too much. As the director, I would have been insulted juu hawataki kuona film yangu lakini wanataka tu Oscar. Kenyans, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I hope they see the light after actually watching the movie and actually push for an eternal unban, otherwise, the director will look like she sold her soul for an Oscar.

You mean court bandia? The leadership could have banned it totally for the sake of national security or other excuse they usually use.

The film is gaining attention only because it’s lesbian, not because its creative.

I agree with some people that many Nigerian films make way more sense than this bullshit.

I didn’t understand this requirement from the Academy though. It would mean that any movie touching on themes that make the ruling regime in the home country uncomfortable ineligible for the award. And the theme doesn’t have to be sexuality it could also be political.

Actually I was less surprised about Mutua’s ban than I was about that requirement. Seems a strange way to promote any art that may be controversial.

That being said, if they get nominated, I’m sure Mutua ataenda vile alienda Cannes :D:D never understood what he wants exactly.

Break Kenya value system? LOL, we have way bigger value problems in our country and people’s sexual orientation should be the least of our worries.

Of course we also have bigger problem than incompetent government debting then taxing kenyans into oblivion.

That’s why we always choose to move on since there’s always a bigger problem than the current big problem!

even when my grandson becomes president homosexuality will always be illegal ghassia . meanwhile i love lesbians

people who are the first to condemn lesbians are the first to find them sexy and beg for a threesome

Hiyo movie chieth hata nasikia haina lesbian porn. Meffi kabisa