Kenya Kwanza coalition

Loading…one part of the talks will be revealed today. [ATTACH=full]432092[/ATTACH]

Hii ndo ya wezi gani tena?

Safi sana.

12 parties took their time to negotiate, write the agreement, take the agreement for further independent consultation. Return back to agree on final document and signing. That was done today. The whole process was done in the best possible way. Mutual trust, honesty and open-minded to various advise. The first part has being done. The others will follow in sequence [ATTACH=full]432113[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]432114[/ATTACH]

This kind of thing was very influential in 2013. The sleek presentations made Kenyans think Jubilee would run the country to unbelievable heights. Little did they know it would be into Moi era depths and debts.

@spear your coalition internal dynamics are for politicians eyes. We know you’ll get in and run scam after scam just like the last 10 years.


Man whores in sheep skin looking for the next victim(read Kenyan) and carrying lube for anal rape.

Well, to be honest, Azimio is planning to do the same shit. Pick your poison and accept the results it is.