Kenya just about to have a Ugandan as president?


So, some sapere’s would’ve ended up in Uganda, if the status quo of 1900 remained.

At this point, I would vote for a mzungu if he/she gives a shit about this country.

Tungekuwa sand negroes… (semi) arid land pekee yake.

buganda didnt extend to naivasha. that is stretching the truth. borders were decided in london by a white person who changed them as he saw fit. even before he left he called african leaders to london and told them which provinces included kenya and it was accepted. martin shikuku attested to this having been at the table.

Aki si cushites wangekuwa wamewatomba bila lube nyinyi central bantus. Without the nilotes to fight for you, Cushites would have made you their slaves.

Yani tuseme,if UG had its way and took back its chunk of land…including migingo…
[ATTACH=full]404189[/ATTACH]alafu aanko ya Mwarabou stork achukue kipande yake hio amelilia juzi…[ATTACH=full]404188[/ATTACH]…this is what kenya map would actually look like?[ATTACH=full]404187[/ATTACH]

Atleast tungekua na mombasa bado:D

idont see Museveni taking over kenya with his army of kanjos

The British made the very same assumption