Kenya Is SuperPower Eti Bado Haija Collapse Under Incompetent Thief's Leadership

Yaani companies zinafungwa kama vibanda kule indaa. Cost ya stima ni skyhigh, that coupled with endless taxes and levies is making manufacturing almost impossible in Kenya.

Alafu the stupid asshole keeps invoking bible verses every now and then about how God will judge Kenyans.

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Companies zinafungua branches kila mahali thanks to the able leaership of Ruto
Absa Bank adds 526 jobs, plans additional branches Absa Bank Kenya Plc added 526 new jobs last year as it embarked on an aggressive growth strategy anchored on diversifying its business lines. The roles, both permanent and contractual jobs, are expected to drive revenue in new segments, including asset management and custodial services.

Show us manufacturers now who are opening branches left - right - center

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Banks opening branches doesn’t necessarily indicate economic growth. It could also indicate a serene $ laundering environment.:thinking:

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@Kodiaga hajui difference ya banking na manufacturing

Don’t argue with that mgeytow, opening their homosexual orgy branches thinks they are in manufacturing business