Kenya Is Officially Jambaziland!

A businessman in Eastleigh was carrying millions before assailants intercepted a boda boda carrying him - Video in comments.

And then this:

These kind of crimes were rampant in Moi error, WSR has taken us to the dark days within a record time.


How come waiyaki way has so many Indians.


Wat did we expect being led by church going thug


Eastleigh Businessman Adan Ali Mohamed who was robbed of Ksh4 million during a daytime robbery also suffered a spinal injury.

A relative of the deceased told the press that the businessman was headed to the bank only to find it closed when the shooting occurred.

A doctor who attended to him confirmed that Mohamed’s feet were unresponsive at the point of admission on Saturday.

What Doctor is Saying: “When the injury happened, the patient could not sense his legs and when he was brought, we managed to take care of him immediately. We did imaging, a CT Scan, and MRI. That confirmed our fears which shows that he has got a serious injury in his spinal cord. He will require a procedure to stabilise the spine and decompress the spinal cord to give him a chance for recovery.”

Catch Up Quick: The businessman, 26, was reportedly heading to a nearby Mall at the time of the attack when a perpetrator opened fire on him.

CCTV footage showed another motorbike with two people approaching the businessman and blocking him before snatching the money and shooting him.

Police are still hunting for the suspects.

The thugs were too trigger happy. Instinct ya kwanza when being robbed is always to resist or run, but a few milliseconds later, you realise its not worth it. This guy wasnt given a chance to reconsider.

This was purely an inside job. Who knew he was the one carrying such an amount out of all the boda boda passengers around the area?

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Hao wa nduthi ni @johntez_addi_gaza_ms na @JonteMpendaWamama

"A relative of the deceased "
Githeri media hawananga akili


Gang Terrorises and Robs Residents in Mombasa

A 17-year-old has been arrested following a night of terror on Kisauni residents that left many counting losses.

The gang on Tuesday night ambushed business people in Kisauni, destroyed houses and businesses and stole property worth millions.

According to residents, the gang comprised young people who are well-known in the area having terrorised locals for a long period.

The residents now want the govt and area police to take action after a woman was left nursing injuries at the hospital after she was tortured during the raids.

Kisauni outside a crime scene on Wednesday, April 3, 2024.

The gang allegedly assaulted her before pouring kerosene all over her body.

“ I was woken up by people with knives. They asked for money from my shop as they threatened to take my child if I failed to,” the victim narrated.

“They got inside my shop and took kerosene and poured it all over me. They also poured it around the house intending to burn me in it.”

Describing the incident in detail, the woman further added that the knife-wielding gang assaulted her after she started screaming for help.

Acting on their threats, one of the thugs lit the couch on fire which spread to the neighbouring houses.

“All the money from my daily hard work, and my mobile money operations was burnt during the fire. I’m counting losses in millions,” the victim’s husband stated.

Kisauni residents are now calling on the government to intervene and tame the gang, as the incidents have become all too common.

“We can’t report them because if we do they mark you and follow you with threats. We are really worried, the police need to put a stop to this,” one resident noted.

I think hessy should be released again and rid the country off this scum.
Copper copper copper. No mercy.

Can’t have brain dead mrc cunts breathing the same air we breathe. Low life imbeciles.


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Detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Thursday, April 4, arrested the prime suspect behind the Ksh151 Million Tantalum Mineral scam at the Port of Mombasa.

The suspect, a Congolese citizen, was arrested by the DCI’s Operations Support Unit (OSU) moments after touching down from Entebbe, Uganda.

According to detectives, the suspect was nabbed along Harambee Avenue in Nairobi, minutes after evading detection by Immigration officials at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

“Determined to sneak back into the country and further his felonious activities, the suspect used a Ugandan Interstate pass card and upon arrest was also found in possession of yet another Congolese Passport,” detectives stated.

A section of the Port of Mombasa

Containers at Mombasa Port

The suspect was arrested on the accusation of scamming a Chinese citizen Ksh151 Milion in a fake mineral supply. The Chinese citizen had agreed with the suspect for the supply of tantalum minerals.

Three containers declared to contain tantalum minerals were opened in China, only to be found loaded with drums of sand, triggering investigations at the port of Mombasa.

“Detectives have since discovered that already, two more containers had been cleared and shipped to Dubai, and efforts are underway to intercept them,” DCI noted.

Detectives further noted that investigations had been launched on some port officials believed to have compromised security checks to facilitate the illegal transactions.

Meanwhile, the bank account where the Ksh151 million was deposited has since been frozen even as investigations continue.

However, detectives noted that despite freezing the Ksh151 million, the suspect colluded with suspected rogue bank officials and obtained Ksh49 million.

Following his arrest, the suspect is set to be arraigned at the Miliman Law Courts on Friday, April 5.

“Even as investigations regarding the fake consignment continue, a court battle between OSU detectives and influential members of the scamming ring is underway,” read part of a statement by DCI.

Karen Police Station Commander Purity Kobia was yesterday arrested by detectives from the Internal Affairs Unit (IAU) and detained at Capitol Hill Police Station for allegedly auctioning a motor vehicle that had been detained at her station. She sold a Mazda Demio at Sh50,000.

Kenyans Troll Kimani Ichung’wah Over Contradictory Remarks on the Economy

Kikuyu Member of Parliament Kimani Ichung’wah was on the receiving end of criticism from Kenyans on Sunday through to Monday after his remarks where he reiterated that the Kenyan economy was ‘unstable’.

Ichung’wah who was appealing to doctors to go back to work maintained that the economy was unstable and hence the government was not in a position to sustain their demands.

The MP who was speaking in Nyeri on Sunday asked doctors to bear with the current situation until the economy stabilises. He added that the prolonged strike was paralysing service delivery in public hospitals.

“I take this opportunity to plead with all our medical professionals to call off the strike and give dialogue an opportunity. Give the government a chance for the economy to grow from its current state,” he stated.

Doctors holding protests in Nakuru on March 26, 2024

However, Kenyans were quick to call out the MP for the controversial remark since he has been praising President William Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua for stabilizing the economy.

Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai also accused the Leader of the Majority at the National Assembly of doublespeak.

“Economy wasn’t performing great? I thought they were bragging how great they were performing,” Alai added.

Adding onto Alai’s remarks, a section of Kenyans accused the Kenya Kwanza politicians of lying about the economy when it was convenient for the government.

They argued that the MP was only complaining about the economy to justify the government’s decision not to increase their salaries as requested.

Furthermore, Kenyans dismissed the ‘unstable economy’ claim from Ichung’wah adding that Kenyans were paying more taxes than before.

Most pointed out that the revenue could be used for key operations such as paying doctors and not reintroducing the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) positions.

“The economy is unstable now but when it comes to political rallies it is stable,” one Kenyan remarked referring to Ichung’wah’s remarks in the past where he constantly attacked the previous regime.

Kenyans urged the government to stop the excuses and pay the doctors their dues as well as teachers who play key roles in society.

Also, President Ruto was asked to weed out corrupt leaders who are grabbing land parcels and embezzling funds meant for development leaving Kenyans in a crisis.

Further, a section of Kenyans remarked that it was hypocritical to slash the salaries of doctors when politicians are pocketing millions including hefty allowances each month.