Kenya is leading African country in milk production and consumption - Uhuru amefanya kazi buana


Nigeria, tanzania and Uganda in the top of alcohol but dominating over 90% on “other” category. Hio other ni busa ama

Konyagi and waragi are brewed by small scale producers and are very popular in those countries.

This was true long before that fat useless got anywhere near that seat

Your favourite drink

i think the stats are wrong, Uganda easily takes the crown in Africa when it comes to beer consumption, they are just at a level of their own… every small town has several booming bars and most bars basically operate 24/7, in fact the climax for some is 8AM in the morning

Namibia will any day beat Uganda on drinking. Alcohol all over in the village plus the Germans there increase the uptake

It’s time local brews in Africa are re-branded and properly licensed . Seems there’s market



In UG, beer & other alcoholic beverages are legally sold in many shops. Unaitisha kitabu, kalamu na waragi gin.

Hujaelewa sarcasm ya Ndiii…amepiga Uhunye sweep.kali sana

sycophant haezielewa:D:D:D

You don’t know what you are talking about bro, UG, is at another level

This alternative study ranked it number 8 in the world


Estonia spirits 8.5 banae:D:D:D

OP si ubadilishe title. sioni mtu anaongelelea maziwa kwa thread

And someone was trying to tell me the other day that black ppl have very high lactose intolerance rates. If that’s the case Kenyans would spend most of the day shitting their brains out

How…what sort of conversation were you two having?

nimekula ugali na maziwa fresh for lunch

She is lactose intolerant that’s how the topic arose. She’s of Trinidadian extraction and according to her it is common amongst her people, she said it was common with black people as a whole too but clearly not