Kenya is just the tallest among dwarfs

Sometimes I just wonder how poor other countries in Africa are when I hear things like JKIA being the busiest in E&CA region, JKIA toilets sometimes have no water. Nairobi being the gateway to East Africa with all it’s garbage and traffic jams. Eti Kenya has alot of tarmacked roads maybe only Ethiopia can rival us. How backwards are countries such as UG and Malawi or CAR? UG imports cooking oil, soaps, from Kenya yet Kenya imports toothpicks and toothpaste from China and Egypt respectively.

Unfortunately sometimes your pockets determine your growth. JKIA is definitely more efficient after the upgrades. But the arrivals needs some serious Interior Design work.

Ambia Mzee @Meria Mata akutumie documentaries za DRC transport system ndio utajua Kenya tuko mbele. Shida yetu ni ulafi wa viongozi

I saw them calling that country a shithole is an understatement.


What actually do you want to stress here?

KNH is the largest and best cough cough referral hospital in East and Central Africa, when nurses will ignore you for hours until you die. You kind of wonder what the situation is like in CAR.

My good fren I refuse to agree with your point … just visit the international arrivals Terminal 1E alaf urudi tu discuss hii point yako. Some warehouse in Inda ziko far much better

Kenya is the only shithole that uses tissue paper around here. The rest are still using banana leaves.

Before is when it really looked like a warehouse ya mahindi.

The new terminal 1A is somehow modern unfortunately I don’t do KQ so hapo swes sema, but 1E tulicheswa

The Domestic Units Terminal 1D and 1E are the neglected ones. A classic example of hating ourselves
The other units serving international passengers are very advanced. I love the KQ lounges at JKIA!!

Kenya is just slightly less shittier than all those other nearby countries, but we all have one thing in common and that is we are all shithole countries.

Buda boss terminal 1E is international arrivals …

The international arrivals toilets are really shitty ata sonko aliziona akazusha sana but the fuckers at jkia just ignored it.

I did not deny that. Last I checked 1A,B and C are also international terminals. I did not mention whether it was arrivals or departures.
1E is often used as a domestic terminal for KQ flights from Mombasa. In fact, the most annoying thing is landing at 1E and being moved to 1D for my baggage as the baggage is never offloaded at 1E(clearly as it is for departures).

Seems we are on different pages but isorait, meanwhile study this map polepole … it may come handy one of this fine days


I know the map very well. I use the KQ lounges all the time. Though that part of 1E not serving KQ is a lie. Coz I have used it twice now specifically from Mombasa to Nairobi