Kenya is gone!

I heard you guys already sold the country to Somalians, Indians and the Chinese?

Most sane countries have tight immigration laws which they enforce with an iron hand but your leaders are as useless as they come.

Because of their incompetence, Kenyans own nothing in Nairobi.

In 10 years, Kenya will probably become an Indo-Islamic state like Mauritius. Africans are easily duped, conned and more likely to get into duplicitous agreements with other races of people. They lack foresight and can’t seem to strategize for the long-term. As a result of this stupidity, your country is no longer yours.

I knew this was coming but not at this rate. Mwafrika is just cursed to be honest. How else can you explain this raw naivety from a whole continent? It’s wild.




Always raising the same concern with no way forward. Oh, almost forgot you’re African too or is it nyani criticising the others kundule?!

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The solution is simple and you know it.

I don’t expect much from a person who idolizes gangstas

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The guy is right 1000% , the top thugs allowed Somali terrorists to flood freely as they are flooding, they even got top security dockets .hapa ni mungu Tu . The top leadership now is rabid hungry dogs with no brains , strategy or any leadership qualities. I respect moi may he rest in peace. He never kicked with allowing Somali dogs or their relatives freely in to the country. The two dynamic duo cunts have destroyed this country. Mbwa wao


Hapa umekosea, actually its him who let all these skinnys in here. And provided them with IDs including the Nubians in Kibra

I totally agree with you !

Even US is run by immigrants. Just look at the people propping up Desanctimonious. Elon Musk, David Sacks, Chamath, Jordan Peterson, Vivek, they are all immigrants. The issue with Kenya is that we get the lowest quality which would fuck us in the long run

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Therefore we should only allow rich skinnies to kunia and their beautiful whores not those rag tat rats who have 70% chances of turning into suicide bombers

I totally agree. Immigration can bring diversity, innovation, and valuable skills to a country. Many immigrants have played a vital role in driving economic growth, starting businesses, and contributing to the cultural fabric of their adopted countries. Their experiences and perspectives often enrich the societies they become a part of.Immigration policies should aim to strike a balance between attracting talented individuals and addressing the needs and concerns of the receiving country.

Ire kitu inatumaarisa ni korapsheni na tamaa ya pesa gaaki

Xenophobia galore


The somali threat is overhyped it’s just business at the end of the day no one is impressed with their way of life if anything I can say we are assimilating them quite successfully

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Whats wrong with Somalis and Indians? We live with them in Eastleigh and they are not discriminitavie like whites…SO whats wrong with them?
Ama ni kawivu tu?


Gentrification is the term…where old money meet new money…How do you expect an 80ty something year old granny to compete with people who are able to import a whole ship of marchendise in the country. They are swallowed up by intense capital developments around them, and can only result is sell and move out.

Wewe na baba Yako muko na Nini under your name? Meffi

I have seen that Indians of a lower class interact with africans much more ordinarily as compared to the richer ones.
There’s a talker who also pointed this out as one of his experiences in India.

There is no Kenya🇰🇪