Kenya is Finished

We are truly Done
It’s a Wrap:flushed:

What kind of Logic is this … ???

Riggy Gee is about to spend KES: 600 Million on Renovations to the KES: 450 Million Deputy President’s Residence

Why not instead give him 1 Block of 20 Homes from the Affordable Housing Project … ???

SHENZI KABISA … !! :rage:


Very possible…the other day i saw the minister from meru renovate his Runda home to a tune of over 200m…am sure it cost him less to put it up. Sai you have a new acquired taste and have all these expensive furniture from Turkey and gadgets you want installed…could easily cost hundreds of millions

The jokes keep writing themselves in this shithole called Kenya. These monkeys keep proving the white man right with his assertion that the black mama has no brains.

why prioritize the comfort of someone who is yet to deliver anything to the public?

Too much now. We should smear ourselves in feces and hang ourselves