Kenya is currently experiencing a population explosion

Kenya is currently experiencing a serious population explosion, Its population has doubled over the last 22 years, to about almost 56 million people and rapid population growth is set to continue, According to recent United Nations projections and Kenya government, especially, the Nilotic population are now growing at an alarming rate, This is why Nilotic people are invading and destroying Muslim coastal region and cities such as Malindi and Mombasa.

It’s time to fight back against Nilotic invasion and cultural invasion, Kenya coastal region belongs to Muslims.

The population of Kenya was 28 million in 1999.


nyamaza ama tumwachie museveni hiyo tumatandiko yenu hapo kando ya kenya.

How did kisii find themselves between njaruo and karenjin. no wonder it is mandatory for them to take bhang to keep their sanity.

Am part Gisu part Bukusu , niko mpaka na ID card ya Uganda . my great great great grandpa is a legend in Uganda

nini hao watu wa coast wameongeza kenya isipokuwa ile busaa ya mnazi na pwani si kenya movement. heri mumalizwe na njaruo at least they invented the giant catapult.

This map looks an attempt to geographically intimidate Kikuyu. Folks are all over Kenya- such maps are very useless but it’s election time…numbers make better sense


Calling boranas gabras and rendille Somalia majority is an abuse, but heck, you were formed to counter Bantu supremacy’s posts. All the best as you muddy the pond.

[SIZE=7] muslims and islam found africans at the coast…katambe !![/SIZE]

Fortunately the land size is growing at an equal pace

Kenya and Africa are actually depopulated.
We need 4 billion Africans by the turn of this century

Nilotic people and non native coastal people will be chased out of Malindi and Mombasa and the whole coastal regions, non native coastal people go home , There is no place for you in the coastal regions.

@Tarantinoh you obviously don’t understand the meaning of majority, those ethnic groups that you have mentioned are minority, they are very small.

Lamu and Tana river counties are 80 percents Somalis, Eastern is 99.99 percent Somalis, while North Eastern is 100 percent Somalis.

There is a growing non native coastal population in the coastal regions, estimated in 1995 3 million but by 2019 had reached almost 7 million people.

Mombasa already run out of beaches.