Kenya is broke

[SIZE=7]Treasury: Kenya is broke[/SIZE]
[li]WANGUI NGECHU[/li][li] [/li][li]7 MAR 2018[/li][/ul]
Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich has revealed that Kenya is experiencing a shortfall of revenue to the tune on Ksh.70 billion.
Mr. Rotich, who was appearing before the Senate Finance Committee was at pains to explain why there were delays in disbursement of funds to the county governments and instead promising that funds would be released by June.
“We are running short of revenue. There was a slow down in business activities because of elections but we are now catching up,” said Rotich.
The CS however noted that Treasury had already disbursed Ksh.134 billion to counties, an amount he said represented 43% of the monies supposed to be disbursed.

Tano tena!!

KRA want to strike Kenyans with ridiculous demand notices. Also, Afya House Scandal has been confirmed by the Auditor General, and many many more wastage was highlighted in yesterday’s NTV AM Live.

Those amounts can go along way in closing this gap. Problem is, no one will be held accountable.

Kuumira kuumira. Tano tena

wacha utaona kra agents wakizunguka kwa business premises za watu

Hehe…tebu elaborate. What do they ask? How do they determine where to hit or miss?

nikutishia raiya, uzuri they dont arrest you

wakikuitisha sale book jifanye mjinga sema hii kazi ata rent yake ni shida

how can they lack 70 yet jana auditor general was pointing out where money has not been accounted for?? jubiliidiots turning kenya to a failed state.

Tano tena

A few incontrovertible facts

  1. Kenya is a kleptocracy
  2. The Kenyattas are thieves
  3. Ruto is the most illustrious pilferer of his generation
  4. Ouku has been warning you for years
  5. Hamwezi saidika
  6. Raira

:p:p:pGot no sales book. Just scribbling what they can’t understand. Ushuru nalipa 3020 when the wahujumu uchumi will be jailed.

They’ve started sending the demand notices,I am aware it’s already happening on the ground. Hii revenue shortfall italipwa tupende tusipende.

Point of correction it is the government that is broke Mimi Niko na kasamthing kwa mattress account

Ngoja waweke VAT kwa mafuta ujue haukua unajua

Hehehehe mattress can burn

Kuna dame najua ameitwa MSA rd offices this afternoon hapo sameer. She had outstanding VAT remmittances dating back 2011.

Currently, they dont even give waivers on legit claims on penalties & interests emanating from errors from their system. Unazungushwa kama gari ya town service.


I hope you’re “funning” the ridiculous title. Otherwise, I welcome your ignorant ass to read the bit.

The last time A Cabinet Minister can out with that statement got in very big trouble.
If i remember well, he was transferred from Treasury to some lesser Ministry. Lakini Nyachae ni nani, he declined saying he CANNOT be move from Treasury to I can’t remember where.
And that was the beginning of the breakup between Nyachae and Moi.