Kenya is a FAILED state that needs TOTAL Overhaul

Kuna sheria lakini haifuatwi. In Kenya all that matters is the depth of your pockets. Get arrested, pay a bribe also known as Bail get freed. Kenya should implement laws Kama Kyle China. Execute criminals within 2 weeks after guilty verdict and harvest their organs. Mtu Kama Ruto, Waiguru, Swazuri, Kidero would by today be helping needy patients with their livers and kidneys

What has Ruto stolen that other leaders have not stolen?


Can Imagine somebody fitted with a thieves kidney !

The list is long. Was just mentioning the most popular thieves today. Ruto ni mwizi was mashamba hata shamba za IDP anaiba

Kenya sucks

Izo mashamba Ruto ameiba huchangia how much kwa gdp ya Kenya? wewe huoni vile Uhuru ameharibu economy? unaona tu shamba? Ruto anaeza regesha izo mashamba zote na hakuna kitu itasaidia kwa economy, lakini Uhuru akitoka kwa io kiti wakenya watasaidika

What is the percentage of middle income households in Kenya?

I may not have the figures but i believe its increasing on paper but shrinking in reality in the past 6 years or so. What would make govt to freeze recruitment of more personel under govt payroll for three years? What would make TSC decide to hire employees on contract terms as opposed to permanent and pensionable? how many loan defaults exists? Check how many firms have laid off employees in the near past and you start seeing some doubt here and there. But as i earlier said, am no expert but reading the mood of the common man.

Hizo mashamba tunaweza patia Wakikuyu wenye ulisema wanaishi Kwa slums na wafanye horticultural farming. You know how Kikuyus are proficient in the farms.

Kenya Economy is growing at high rates like 6 percent…but corruption is not distributing the wealth equally.

Is this acceptance that WSR no mwivi?

mgala muuwe lakini haki yake umpe, Ruto is a bold leader and would never auction us to foreigners like Uhuru has done

Kenya needs a clean leader who can enforce the laws and not compromise on the lesser evil

Answer the question sir? Mwivi au la?

ruto ni mwizi …
uhuru pia ni mwizi …

kwani iko nini


Hata ile ya molasses Ni Ruto aliiba?

COA juzi imesema evidence za kesi za kidero were illegally obtained thus kama ya mwilu zitupwe nje

You are an idiot on roids, my fren.

Hehehe ati arejeshe? Wacha bangi Nani!