Kenya is a big shithole

Feel such ashamed watching this documentary.
We have useless leaders.
Why is it that we cannot subsidize the cost of housing to make it affordable for every citizen and provide the basics like running water, sewerage and electricity

If counties worked like they were supposed too this slums would have been ghost slums ! Each county fighting for manpower with attractive remuneration who would wan’t to live like animals in Nairobi, but now it’s the opposite nobody would touch a county contract with a 10 foot pole unless you have a relative in the tender board ! Counties have turned many in paupers ! Pure chieth !

I weep for my country. The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is becoming a mirage for Kenya just imagining that our next leader is Ruto/Gideon.

We are not a socialist country. Kila mtu ajipange.

Just like pac said “the ground is gonna open up and swallow the evil”… One of these days the people who exploit the weak and meek will be fodder to them…

Wrong breed of humans live in the Sub sahara. Patia Africa Japanese or Germans for 30 years uone ikikua Superpower

how are u mr bonobo

We can’t do that because some people will be out of business.Those people are not ready to let you do that,utakufa kiyana

Every developed country has been where Kenya is now, its just that during their time there was no social media to post videos to on how poverty was like.
You look at all those old pictures of Tokyo or New York you only see the good sides but poverty was there just not in front of the camera

Shida za Somalia zilianza ile siku Siad Barre alideclare Somalia kuwa a socialist country, threat kubwa kwa parasitic owners of capital. Sa ii ni everyman for himself, God for us all.

The most capitalist nation provides housing to some people

Eeerr because taxes. if you are willing to pay 5% of gloss salary to subsidize a fellow adult. Good on you. The government does not magically grow money. We are already in debt and they would have to borrow and hike taxes. Countries of Europe afford to do subsidized housing because they are extremely wealthy. in case you forgot. We are a weak country third world with no money and huge debts. Our entire economy is the size of some medium sized cities in the poorest nations of Western Europe with a population 20 times higher.

Meanwhile we see no problem subsidizing housing for the rich fat cats

We had subsidized housing decades ago when we were poorer and with less taxes

You forget, clearly, that we had an urban population of less than 10%. Everyone in the city was formally employed, paid their taxes and towns and cities had balanced. Today we have gigantic slums and a majority of city dwellers pay zero tax. Their only contribution in the city is through paying rent that the city can collect tax from landlords. You have a very selective memory.

As I said previously. You don’t deserve free shit for simply showing up. That is not an achievement

It’s heartbreaking to see that old mama struggling to wash clothes for people just to eat. Enyewe Kenya bado tuko mbali when you realize we have visionless leaders from top to bottom.

On the matter of subsidized housing, how do you imagine this working? Si they tried slum upgrades hapo kibich years ago during kibaki’s time. How did that go. Will the gova build better houses, on whose land, pesa itatoka wapi na how will the slum dwellers pay up. Afu si kila mtu needs houses, what will be the criteria for deciding who gets first priority.

Of course any serious gova will ensure citizens wako na basics. Food, shelter, Healthcare and education are sacrosanct but we seem to have our priorities lopsided. Kila siku unaskia multi billion highway or power line being built /launched but they mean nothing if the lives of the people remain this wretched. We need to have a discussion on what development constitutes in the Kenyan content. Is it just shiny malls and imported 4x4s? What about the lives of the people… Knowing how corrupt and petty we are naona that’s one big impediment to negro growth.

The tax revenue is higher than it was back then. We also collect a lot of money from business permits.

The government has a lot of land. And we dont have to construct houses in Nairobi we can develop new cities elsewhere.
True. Kenyans really need to think hard about the future of the country