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[SIZE=6]Ambulance Driver Charged With Careless Driving For Not Giving Way To a vehicle ferrying Miraa

An ambulance driver is said to have caused an accident on December 11, along Embu-Siakago road where he failed to give way to another vehicle.

Erick Joseph Njagi was charged with ‘careless driving contrary to section 49 (1) of the Traffic Act.

Mr Njagi appeared in court on Wednesday, where the judge heard that he did not give way to a Toyota Probox Succed (KCK 986Q) that was ferrying miraa (Khat).

The Judge who was utterly surprised also heard that the police detained the ambulance (GKA 965D) and instead asked the driver to use an alternative route to get the patient on board to hospital.

What has shocked many is that the said Probox was released on the same day and no arrest made.

The case will be heard in January 2018.




Someone is heavily invested in Miraa.

Only in 254

Delivering miraa at high speed must be more of an emergency than taking sick patients to hospital.
This country is ferked up but place the blame on the stupid police who wrote the charge sheet.

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This is personal…

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he was careless maybe. being behind the wheel of an ambulance doesnt mean you ram the vehicles on the opposite lane out of the way.


nothing personal just business



Wahh!!! Ambulance, Fire Engines na Police zina right of way… everywhere else but in 254!

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Hata some of our entitled politicians wamejiweka hiyo category wenyewe.


They have a very high opinion of themselves, I tell you.

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Hiyo charge sheet imeanfikwa wapi hii hekaya yako?

:D:D:D:D Nissan ambulance failed to give way to Toyota probox Succeed.

Kenya has no shortage of wakora judges.

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You are supposed to overtake when its safe to do so. regardless whether the vehicle on the side is a hearse, miraa van, tuk tuk etc

@pamba To give way inamaanisha nini?

The wildebeest keep popping everywhere today

Problem here is not the judiciary. Hapa ni police and prosecution ndio wanashida.

Judges don’t hear criminal matters unless its an appeal. Huyo reporter arudi shule.