Kenya In Talks With IMF For Loan To Pay China

The assh0les governing Kenya are now holding talks with IMF in an effort to borrow funds to pay Chinese loans. The cunts borrowed expensive loans from China and stole half of them after putting vital national assets as security.

It is time this pus,sy @ss GoK was overthrown and those responsible for looting Kenya executed in public

kuchukua tala kulipa branch!

What do you expect when you are governed by bonobos…alafu they will still loot the same loans.

Y’all cunts hamujaonyweshwa vumbi na Kenyarra bado:D:D:D. Kenyarras would default on those loans alafu Chai Knees niggas would seize the port of Mombasa na that useless SGR. Alafu sasa muanze kununua mkate 1k na mshahara ni 10k. Na bado, the journey must be completed. Meanwhile wacha nione Doordash wanasema nini

Hapo sawa United Slave.

Do you know that The United Sodom and every unborn US child owes China $130,000. Hii unalipa na your relatives pia hapa Kenya wanalipa loans za China. Read about US external debt before yapping and foaming in the mouth like a rabid wolf.

China OWNs The United Sodom

So we are in good company ehn? :rolleyes:


We are all fvcked

Izo countries mbili umetaza zimedaiwa na china, sawa, lakini moja inapea citizens wake services, kenya ata “public” toilet unalipishwa.

Was actually ironic. US can’t be as f.cked up as us

Huuuuge difference actually

How do you expect running water from govt when jambaz limemeza 22B ya dam?

When the DCI and DPP are doing politics instead of what they were employed to do… DPP ni kijana ya wanasiasa, ndugu ya senator, DCI ni mtu ya mkono ya watu wa siasa, unaexpect nini?

Ndio maana case file ya hizo dams imepotea?

Incompetent leadership. A blad fakin confused president. Why turn against china now after they have invested a lot in this country. The west only want to use kenya to further their interest in Somalia and Ethiopia.

mlisema pesa imeibiwa na Ruto, mkiambiwa mpeleke yeye kortini Odunga amfunge miaka 20, mnasema file imepotea, si inamaanisha aim yenu ilikusa siasa na kuharibu sifa za Arror? Ubaya wanyonge wenye Arror anatetea, na ndio majority, waliwaonea 18, na hawadanganyiki

We should figure out a way to not pay the debt and there be no consequences.

Stop spreading fake news. The article is very clear that the govt has paid any chinese loans that were due, govt is only thinking of accessing the IMF facility for other things…


Kenya is considering using reserves from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to compensate for Chinese loans it repaid after the Treasury dropped an earlier request to defer debt payments.

The Treasury says it could use its additional allocation of IMF reserves in Special Drawing Rights (SDR) assets, which can be converted to government-backed money, as one of the options.

Kenya spent Sh99.73 billion less than the cash it had initially budgeted for servicing external debt for the year ended June 2021.

“uhuru amefanya kazi buanaa”

I know Chai Knees have bought our bonds enmasse and therefore we owe them something like $1.1tr but the difference between us and y’all bonobostan is that, here the money does something. Nikitaka I can file for unemployment benefits na nitakuwa napata $300 monthly tax free, my local food bank can give until I decide sitaki kukulishwa tena, gas for my car would cost me like $40 monthly juu I don’t move around alot, my expenses per month haziezi enda more than $200, I can apply for rent assistance which would allow me not to pay rent. Meanwhile hapo kwa hiyo plantation yenu, Kenyarra anaongeza mafuta bei, anaongeza tax, anaongeza bei ya kila kitu na mshahara bado ni ile ile ya 15k, his cronies wanajiaward juicy tenders worth billions while y’all retards are busy being tribalistic to your neighbors. Ruto and Co anaenda Muthaiga Golf Club kucheza golf bila hiyo upuzi ya tribe, watoto wao wanakutana Brookhouse na wanamingle bila ku care about tribes alafu y’all retards are plotting to vote along tribal lines come 2022. Unapata wapi ngufu ya kutroll US of A hadi :D? As you continue being Uhuru’s cumsock, mimi I am planning to be the Republican Data Intern raking in $60/hr. Y’all be easy though. Plus Chai Knees are under our control while hapo wanawakunia kwa kichwa na kazi yenu ni kusema yes sir.

Ndindu you have every permission to talk about everything …but matters government and economics including fiscal policy you shouldnt. You have no education requisiting you to offer an opinion. You know nothing about how government runs and you are a fool to the 9th generation.