Kenya iko kwa shimo!

Buckle up. We are about to go through severe turbulence caused by economic mismanagement committed by Jubilee (uhuruto) between 2013-2017.

International markets are smelling blood.

The young MCAs who only read about Moi’s 1992-2002 economy mismanagement in history books will witness it first hand.

Official data shows that during the nine months to March 31, 2023, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) missed its revenue collection target by Ksh715 billion ($5.29 billion), while the National Treasury missed its borrowing target (domestic and external) by Ksh775 billion ($5.74 billion).


Uuru ni bure kabisa

My problem isn’t even the fact that we are in a hole but rather the fact that we are still digging with renewed dedication. As the OP said, those who never experienced life under Nyayo now have an opportunity to know how it felt to live under a thieving and clueless regime. Office wakas will soon know what SAPs are. Uhuruto and Kenya Kwanza are God’s ways of demonstrating what happens to stupid people.

:D:D:D blame game. Nani atachukuwa Kikombe.
Ruto atumie ile iko

Jagathi can never eeeeeeeeever take the blame for anything. Ever

So you mean we are screwed, like always. Story of our lives. Hii Kenya ni bad news after bad news kila siku. Nothing worries me anymore.

This time ni kubaya. Tax ndio itatuumiza.

Wapi ile picha ya monkeys ndani ya gari but can’t drive it? :D:D:D Thats our problem guys. CAS kazi ni kutombwa na kutingiza matako badala wafanye kazi

Once Jambasi and his cronies are done stuffing their underwear with wads of cash we will be in an endless spiral into the abyss.

Ndio hio hapo serikali yetu. Hapo chini Arror anawaza atatoka wapi mkopo ajilipe na alipe hao watu wake


Sijawai elewa why we have so many government posts and yet they do absolutely nothing. Prezo, cabinet secretary, mca, senators, m-pigs, chief, village elders. Most of those posts are redundant.

We are over represented. Area shifo anafanya kazi ya MCA, alafu senators, na mps ni wa kazi gani hasa? Ukifikiria maneno ya Kenya utachoka

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I feel like Chiefs ndio wanafaa kuwa more powerful coz they live in the areas and they know everyone within the area. They also know what needs to be done to the area development wise. Sasa MPig akishinda kura anaishia kanairo hajui mashida za mashinani bana. Crazy… na kazi za women rep sijui ni gani. Ndio hao ma hoe kina karen nyamu na omangwa

There is no way we are getting out of this shit without defaulting. Ona debt profile. So the heat we are all feeing right now is just a warm up.

Utakufa na stress tukila kwa kijiko kaka

We need that cliff so that we can have an earnest discussion.

What earnest discussion? Majority of Kenyans, this includes the [SIZE=6]MPigs & Senators (whose job & role is oversight) [/SIZE]do not understand basic Economics. Where and how do you begin to have those discussions?

Ukiskia forced taxation za all civil servants za nyumba, options are very limited

@magreb esteemed degree holder, sir.

Hapo Kwa office wakas umesemaje. Nishaiskia structural adjustment lakini sijui what it all really means. How should we position ourselves ?

Dear goodness, interest pekee is in the trillions bana. Kwisha Sisi narudi ocha , ocha