Kenya Hires US, UK Lawyers in Somalia Ocean Case

What Kenya needs is to have full trust in Kenya’s homegrown lawyers. Bringing westerners sets doubt in people’s minds which transcends to people assuming Kenyan lawyers are shit if even the government would replace them with white lawyers. Seriously even lawyers from other African countries could have helped if Kenyan lawyers are that bad. Hire good black lawyers

Hahaha. Trust in Kenyan lawyers. Who only win cases by bribing judges.

Trust and Kenyan lawyers cannot be used in the same sentence

It’s not about capacity or lack of it by our Kenyan lawyers but more to do with experience and specialization, most would be criminal or commercial, conveyancing etc but have been no where near maritime laws.

smells an ill prepared for case by kenya

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Prof Sean Murphy of George Washington School of Law will be leading the team alongside Justice Tullion Treves, a a former judge at the International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea. Justice Treves also appeared before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in a similar case pitting Peru versus Chile.

Prof Phoebe Okowa, lecturer of International Law at the Queen Mary University in London is the only Kenyan. She was a part of a maritime case filed by Gambia against Myanmar. She is an alumnus of the University of Nairobi where she graduated with First Class honours.

Also in the team is Prof Makane Mbengue, a Senegalese, who teaches international law at the University of Geneva. He too has litigated before the ICJ, including representing the African Union in the advisory on the Legal Consequences on the Separation of the Chagos Archipelago from Mauritius in 1965. He will be the team coordinator.
From the same university (Geneva) is Prof Laurence Boisson De Chazournes who is also an international law expert. She holds two nationalities – Swiss and French.

Another member of the team is Christian Tams, a professor at Gasglow University. The German national will give her expertise, having appeared before the same court in different cases.

Kenya has also taken Eran Sthoeger from Israel. He too participated in Peru’s case against Chile.
Also on the list is President of Sovereign Geographic Coalter Lathrop. He will offer cartographic and legal assistance to Kenya’s team in land and maritime boundary delimitation.

The team replaces lawyers Karim Khan, Payam Akhavan (American), Makena Muchiri (Kenya), Vaughan Lowe QC (British), Alan Boyle (British), Mathias Forteau (French) and Amy Sanders (British).

This is the right information.

I don’t understand why some people dismiss Kenya.The first legal team objective was to prevent this case from proceeding to the next stage.A crucial doc used was a letter drafted by Norway on behalf of Kenya and Somalia… everything went well untill the last sentence of the letter,hapo the majority just forced there way but 3 judges ruled in fayof Kenya.

That legal team is just ok, especially having a cartographic expert.

We should have sent senior counsel kalonzo musyoka

Kalonzo should be somewhere in a baraza.

This whole thing screams desperation. Kenya clearly has no case after 4 delays later. if Kenya did have a case this hiding and running skit wouldn’t be happening. Uhuru couldn’t beat the current administration of Somalia he’s waiting for the next admin. Or… Uhuru doesn’t want to lose while he is president and thus he’s been delaying until he’s out of office. That is the only explanation.

Those waters are Ours, delay as a tactic to build up a super strong case, probably devised by Karim khan himself, they were in touch making deals with the british who drew the maps to help

Keep lying to yourself there is no case otherwise it would be over

thats a competent team appointed by the govt. Lazima mujue this is an international law area needing POLITICALLY CORECT lawyers who can know how to tilt the simple case in our favor.

I guess the govt was delaying until the Somali judge was no longer president of ICJ, and until there was a crisis in Somalia as is the case with Farmaajo’s over-staying his visit at the presidency. Then get down to business - kaende kaende without any more injunctions or adjournments, since Somalia objected to any further delays.

You’ve finally stopped pretending to be neutral.

Why would the ICJ give the case to a Somali judge. That is a rookie mistake no there just is no case. plain and simple. The whole delaying thing was for the second part of your paragraph waiting for chaos or new admin.

Why because I call it what it is I’m not blinded by patriotism. I see both sides and right now Kenya seems to have no case.