Kenya has a declining birth rate

At 44%


Good news atleast si kuzaana kama panya and the country is run by hooligans who are there to loot the few available resources


Maskini saii pesa lazima imfanye culling


Bill gates must be happy. De population agenda master

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As long as one human male can repopulate earth in less than a month, earth will never be underpopulated. These are just phenomena observed for one generation due to non permanent circumstances prevailing at their time of existence.

Who would raise kids in Zakayo’s economy? Where even school fees will be looted via ecitizen?

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Our villages and slums are full of kids having kids. That will never be a problem

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I thought baruya and jaruo were birthing machines. Baruya si muoe third wives mzae kuzaa

We are finished … :roll_eyes:

Ati we topping in East and Central Africa and second in Sub-Sahara Africa. Na vile everywhere I look I keep seeing single mothers popping up … left,right, centre. Hizi statistics sijui wanatoa wapi juu kwa ground nkaa mambo ni different wadau


Then somalis must be super-machines

How is it dropping when somalis and baruyas are popping babies ni kama wako na order mahali?

Ni maisha. Alafu organization are encouraging long-term family planning methods