Kenya hakuna AIBU ama ADABU when it comes to kuombaomba pesa

That was my conclusion about many Kenyans in general nowadays after observing shocking levels of shameless kuombaomba anytime one person meets another person who they sense has more than a shilling than they do. Its shocking!

I keep getting messages that this person has cancer, that person has cancer, nani mama yake amefiwa, my neighbour’s child ako na growth kwa shingo. NHIF kwani ni jina tu?
I’m going to start giving 100/= pekee because I can’t afford to be giving 500/= to 1,000/= every time I donate.

Hii ni ukweli Kunywa yoghurt moja on my bill. Mwanaume mzima wants to get married then adds me in a sijui wedding committee where am expected to contribute actual monetary money to his wedding. Wtf?! That has always been ubsurd for me. Why can’t people just have weddings in line with their financial standings. What’s the need to have a big wedding which is a result of kuomba kuomba. Do people have no shame and lack self pride to that extent? Have a small wedding ata kama it’s in your house but pay for it fully as a man.

Alafu mtu anakufa unaskia there’s a funeral contribution of 5 mirrion. Are you ferking serious? The guy is ferking dead why is he taking a good 5 millions from the living who actually need it most. Tell me people are contributing 5M to safeguard the future of his children and widow and I will be in the front line to contribute. But 5 mirrion kuzika mtu in a “farewell ceremony” upuzi kabisa weka mtu kwa shimo 6ft deep na story yake ends there.

Sometimes it’s the friends or company you chose to keep… Mimi you nag me the next phone number to be deleted is yours.

Its rather shameful and really annoying. There are times when someone really is in desperate need of financial help. But it gets clouded by this continuous requests.

I wrote about this the other day and some guys thought I was joking. It has become a national epidemic thanks o the ease of transferring money via Mpesa. Unasalimia mtu the following day unapata sms ya kuomba pesa…

Nowadays you can’t check on a long lost pal, especially a chic bila I need a favor after a few days or hrs.

Kitu yunibore ni hawa madame waukuwa kwa mamalls during weekends wanakuita vizuri kama wanadai vitu alafu wanakushow wanataka pesa ya kupeleka kwa childrens home. Siwezi kupatia. I once asked one of em, what projects are you trying to implement in the childrens home hawana any answer, nkamwambia aende akashute mbali.

na wale wa “nitolee form”

There’s a Kenyan who came visiting here for a couple weeks. He said he had never had so much peace not being asked for money. He couldn’t believe how a whole month had passed without a single request for cash for assistance towards funerals, weddings, fare, school fees, church building, and everything in between. They say Africa is good because we are communal lakini too much of anything is bad. How do you even save for your own future needs? It’s a big problem.

then kuna wale wa shagz. nikienda shags mimi hushukia matatu ng’ambo,navuka and approach our homestead from the shamba. maneno ya main road to our gate sipendi. every guy you played with as a kid,who knew you as a kid lazima uwasalimie usiambiwe watu wa nairobi mna maringo. but thats not a problem kusalimiiana,shida huwa every person you say hi to insists umwachie kakitu. inabidi ukitumia main road,ujanja ni, kama ni ksh500 inaivunja into fifty bobs and coins. hawa jamaa wakiomba soo umpe noti ya 200 hawarudishangi change, he will even start dimissing you ati “…hata nilikua naenda hivi si we tutaonana?”

Ombeni nanyi mtapewa.

Ombaomba detected.

Nalia sasa.

The situation is getting worse! Even married women are not spared, I wonder!

Yako was in the context of kungurus…yake ni in reference both men and women…