Kenya got friends in high places

I smell a young mbingwa mcoondur holding his brother

I’m talking about Somalis

Si vizuri kujichocha nanii. Kenya is a small developing country with limited military personnel and resources, it’s hard small to intimidate the enemy with sheer firepower when you just don’t have the numbers. Calling in a strong ally with big guns, fighter jets and a few thousand troops is a good move. We haven’t needlessly risked our soldiers lives just to prove a point.

I have never understood why white man and the GOK have the commederie .back in the day ,when Idd Amin threatened to invade, Kenya was not well equipped for that kind of warfare.
The old man,Jomo approached the queen for help.he requested UK to provide it’s fighter jet for a short while.Of course the queen refused.
However, they said they can provide a number of the Jets to fly about the border towns and Kampala at lower altitude, increase the recon sound.

Idd Amin was scared to hell, he retread mbaya, only to invade Tanzania in the kagera war.

You are fools, they are not there to save you. They are here to test their latest machines, before they offer them to the market. Turkey is also there to test its products against US products. Kenya ni ile kuku inarushiwa mahindi kidogo inaingia kwa mtego. Shida yenu na Somalia ni gani? Hamna oil blocks, hamna pesa, hamna minerals. Mbona mnasumbuana na ndugu zenu? Eritrea iko na soldiers wengi kuliko kenya. Somalia has nothing, so if you went to war with them they lose nothing. Mnatumiwa kama wajinga na western countries.

Strange enough, many Ugandans rate him highly.

you are a stupid fool

Kwa thread kama hii huwezi ona yule kinyozi communist @Tom Bayeye juu akisoma thread kama hii huwa anazima simu na ana-focus kunyoa mafuthi za makonkodi wa matatu za Gachie. Just lifting the scrotum so he can shave the anus properly.

Halafu anakuja hapa kudanganya watu ati he actually works as a waiter in Dubai. Na saa hizo ametoka kunyoa makende ya wanaume.

Now say it again without crying this time.

When Kenya starts escorting u ungrateful SOBs to the edge of Mandera mutaanza kulilia hao wazungu tu.

USA Special forces have a small base around Kismayo yenye huwa wanatumia for the drone strikes against Al-Shaitan and also for training elite somali forces… hii carrier iko tu raundi wakaona wasimame hapo for refuelling and perhaps handing in more deliveries for their fellow soldiers

Yeah, I read the same story in the book looters and grabbers.

There were some air strikes in Somalia and the locals said the jet fighters or were they gunships? Can’t remember clearly had Kenyan symbols but they spotted white people flying them too low.

Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa were meant to be white peoples countries by colonialists.

I was watching some YouTube video where people in the streets of America were being asked to name African countries and their capitals, it happened most blacks don’t know Kenya but many whites do, the interviewer then asked why so and one respondent said many whites and Indians have connections to Kenya in one way or another compared to blacks who value west Africa or pan African countries like Tz.

In my opinion, the world’s richest people and cooperations own land here in the name of conservancies, that’s why no one should joke with Kenya

This history is on point! Facts only, I handle this historic vibe and there’s an old wise guy I work with who tells these tales through and through because he lived through the times even when Black Hawk down happened in Somalia.

Or threaten to close Daadab…

True, also there was a proposal to have some Jews settled in the Rift Valley back in the day but it was scrapped. However, some Jews settled in Kenya like the Somens and their Great Grandfather Israel Somen was the Mayor of Nairobi before becoming a Diplomat for Israel in Kenya.

The Somens run big business up to now but they’re very lowkey.

Are you f.ukken kiddin me?

Its funny many black Americans don’t know Kenya but they voted for Obama in 2008 & 2012.

And you believe mzungu

That is Somali politics they dont have the ability to do that. But it is very sad for us to seek help from USA with Somalia. The country is dead and many of its citizens rely on Kenya how weak are we to the point that we cant deal with them? Can we really deal with anything.
You senior civil servants have failed our country I hope our ancestors will forgive you

He should resign and all his people. Such a waste of space

What point. The country is heavily divided and the president is unpopular. All the threats they made were to gain political support and we could not even deal with him. It is time we accepted our leaders are pure trash and they should never come near leadership