Kenya got friends in high places

After, Somalia breaking diplomatic ties and as well specifically targeting KDF troops with veiled threats.

And even making secret phone calls to Ankara urging Erdogan to sell Somalia armed drones to kill KDF troops.

Kenya made some phone calls and the United States sent a response just off the coast of Somalia. An aircraft carrier with 2,500 marines, ospreys and F35B.


I think we should expel the unthankful Somalians in eastleigh to zoomali coz they hate us to the core. Stupid goons like @Mbingwa scrotum and his wife @Slave 0wner should be drowned in Indian ocean.
We gave this foils safe haven, rescued them from poverty and radicals and their thanks is to tell us they are superior?!
We should close border to all men from Somalia but we can allow their yellow yellow to come in condition that they confess @Jehovah Wanyonyi is the only god and marry our dark skins without questions

:D:D Yelow yellow? The average somali woman has skin darker than your average kao or taita.

Somalians biggest problems is they think they are Arabs.Their women are naturally dark but they bleach like nonsense.

Somali wanatema mate kila mahali, soon wataform lake Mate

Americans never forget and never forgive. USA troops were murdered and humiliated during the time of Siad Barre. One day they will take advantage and retaliate. And that day could as well be today

Be patient @sani said we wait for 7 weeks,now it should be 6 weeks

Lake Mate!!!

That amphibious assault ship is there to deploy US troops to either djibouti or kenya.

What are we giving then in return? Our oil blocks?

somalia is a bait, ile worm USA inatumia kunasa Kenya

I would not want these machines coming at me

Kwa wale hawajui how somali’s look like


Shida Ya US ni too much democracy and diplomacy, mzito Putin angeamua kufanya hii kazi, watu wangenyenyekea

Gaiii. Oil in Kenya? Mzungo explored in the 1900s and didn’t find anything. It’s in the literature if you know where to look.

Sijui kuna mtu moja aliboast ati Somalia will start hunting KDF troops with Turkish drones and there Danab troops.

Walete mbio and they’ll know the full meaning Democracy. Especially huyo Fagiamaji

Bingwa is this arab you are niggers

Wanableach pia

I know what I am talking about. Ukienda pale kamwangi passie, ama nyeri ndani gichagi kwa prof maathai, utaona rangi kamili ya kalico original, bila bleach. Halafu uende kathonzweni, mavindini ama wesu ukipanda mlima kutoka vundanyi, mudavida. Village bonobos. No bleach. Utatambua nasema nini.

Yaani we need big broda support to fight a disaster that has never known a working government since 1990!!
Uhuru should just don his military fatigue and head to the frontline…