Kenya gets insulted and shamed live on TV coz of Haiti Mission

Amesema ukweli but waende huko wamee akili


There was no lie there but
Kaukweli kidogo tu watu wanacatch


I will say in broad daylight we fully deserve that description. Let us examine ourselves, and make corrections, or we shall never learn anything if we always rush to defend decisions which are absurd at best. The hullabaloo against him is as ridiculous as our anger against Trump on the shithole remark. The envoy knows Haiti better than all the people who are screaming Shame, yet they have never set foot there. It was ridiculous to get into that rut in the first place, and we rightly ought to be reprimanded. All that one learns from this is that we are not honest with ourselves, and that’s dangerous. You can wear a mask to the world, but for the health of your spirit, never lie to yourself.

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What was @Zakayoh thinking?
Now he has an egg on his face.

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Apana Wacha zakayo anukishe kitunguu, hio deal Ina kuja na arms na , Doo .