Kenya gets Brand New Citizens (Pictures)


Hii ndio Bottom up economy!?.

Kwanza wasaidie the current citizens who are really struggling.

Hao Shona fighting be part of a shithole. NKT

Ati karibu nyumbani? Wtf. This government can’t help it’s own people na kazi ni kuongeza tu watu despite the fact that Kenyans breed like rabbits on steroids.

Serikali ya huku inaeza kupea high blood pressure

Hao Shonde community warudi kwao bulawayo

Those are Kikuyus pretending to be Shonas.

Watu warudi kwao

nice,they should feel at home


We need votes/numbers to validate our rigging.

Bottoms up ndo mattercore juu? [COLOR=rgb(239, 239, 239)][SIZE=1]Asking for 2Juu[/SIZE]

shona girls have curved ass

Under that logic, all somali alshabaab supporting omurefugees are also kenyan citizens. I don’t think anyone in Kenya has any clue what exactly citizenship means, It was created by the British only to harass kikuyus. There was never a national identity to speak of.

That’s the way Americans feel about the biden govt.