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guys please help me i have this lawyer who has been milking money from me since last year to get letters of administration to my late dad’s property. kwani how long does the process take?

There is a stand off between the Government Printer and the Judiciary
Judiciary pana tambua kulipa
Printer hapa tambua ku print

is there an online version?

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you clearly do not understand how the process works but you are very quick to allege that the lawyer is eating your money.

Notices on the Kenya Gazette, whether electronic or hard copy, must first be paid for. There are some court stations where they collect the money meant for the Government Printer together with the Court fees for filing the petition for letters of administration. If there is a delay in disbursing the funds to the Government Printer, you MUST expect that there will be a delay in publishing the Notices in the Kenya Gazette. Sasa hilo ni kosa la wakili kweli?

If the succession cause was filed in Nairobi, it may take quite some time because of the sheer number of succession causes filed by the day.

Kama alifile mashinani, ujinga ya watu wa koti za huko, by itself, can make the thing delay for sixty-three generations. Either way, NGOJA.

Chill until the di*ck measuring contest between the President and Maraga is over. Otherwise you will be collateral damage.