Kenya finally clears debts owed to colonial master Britain

Good news but we are still paying pension to former colonial civil servants whether they are living in Kenya or Britain.


Kenya has for the first time since independence cleared direct loans owed to the United Kingdom, its former colonial master.

Data from the Treasury indicates that Kenya does not owe Britain as of June compared to a debt of Sh35 million in May and Sh1.4 billion in 2015.

Ya china itaisha century gani?

They colonised you through terrorism and then gave you independence as a term that you pay them for it. Hilarious. I have to give it to jungus, they are smart.

Naaaaah. Colonial masters never ever go away. They gonna still control us somehow.

I expect your president to rush there and borrow money

Ukilipa Fuliza loan unafuliza tena.

i thought they were defeated …kumbe walitoka tu kwa raha zao :smiley:

defeated :D:D:D If kenya had defeated the British then how could they even house british troops in Kenya? Tanzania is even more independent from U.K than Kenya is.