Kenya Ferry kamenukaaa!

Kenya Ferry has compensated the family of the late Mariam Kighenda and her daughter with KSH 200,000 for the LOSS OF their LIVES.

The cheques to Mr John Wambua (The husband to Mariam) and Mr Peter Mwaghogho(The father to late Mariam)


It’s for burial expenses

African lives are cheap. Same with how Boeing is treating the 737 accident victims. If those 2 jets had been loaded with Americans and crashed in the USA the story would have been different.

It’s better than nothing but the people there must lose their jobs and not get other jobs in other government sectors

Uhurus relatives cannot be sacked

A whole Minister went on National TV na akasema I will rather die than Resign. Utangoja sana heads to roll. Utawapata tu in some parastatal board mkipiga kelele sana

Instead ya kuwish people with jobs to lose them, out of wivu, mngesoma kwa bidii


Given your “Arab” background deaths are normal. You were wondering what the big deal is with deaths of 2 people much less women.
I see where you’re coming from

Tukisoma wewe pia ungesoma kwa bidii
Now we running this country wivu imekujaa hadi umeziba mkundu tusibenefit from your mshuto

:D:D huwezi elewa mambo za responsibility

Tell em mwarafu. Wivu itawaua. Watu wakisoma kazi Yao ilikua kuenda music festivals

Hao wazee watoke kwa ofis. Nanai alisema hatukusoma

Tuliwapatia nafasi ya leadership oneni sasa vile mumeharibu inchi

Mngoje tukufe