Kenya Facts


What do you think of this video with facts about Kenya?

Only 1 in 10 finish std 8? o_O

I would like the next video to be about you going to school. It’s free,

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Why are you so negative about Kenya?Can’t you air the good side of Kenya.

Sorry if I offended anyone, that is not my purpose. I honestly think the video shows a lot of positiveness and the beauty of Kenya. You know, true beauty does not lie in “modernism” and skyscrapers

I get it, for people from Kenya it’s especially a sensitive subject, but trust me : others don’t view the video the same way you do. Everyone I showed it to said “I didn’t know Kenya was this beautiful”, and “No wonder the people in the video smile so much”

There will be a second part, and this time the Maasai tribe will be the main theme. I will show more images from the country overall. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


Thanks for making me laugh.

The part about children walking an average of 11km to get to school made me really sad