Kenya Defense Forces

I’ve spent the last 2 hours on youtube watching a man eat MRE’s. This is probably some of the most interesting and most fascinating things I’ve watched in a while.

So, I wondered what does a Kenyan Armed Forces MRE look like? And I discovered its some highly processed artificial junk we buy from South Africa.

Why doesn’t our KDF make its own indigenous MRE packs that would reduce the amount of artificial junk our soldiers are forced to eat in the battlefield. And they would run under 8hr, 24hr, 3-day survival packs etc. mission packs and would go a long way in helping KDF gain extra revenues. Like supplying them to other armed forces in the region, supplying them to the UN for aid missions, when drought hits Kenyan we supply our own natural, healthy, nutrient-rich MRE packs. Believe it or not, this is a big business around the world.

Africans are good in hypothesis but poor ij execution

cool,was watching the dude yesterday quite interesting

KDF wanakula MREnda na ugali pwaaaaaana…

You have the idea. Execute it. Too bad ya enthusiasm has share it with the 29964 bots and the 36 real live humans on KTalk. Next your idea is patented…

I have eaten military issue cannned beef from KMC, army biscuits from House of Manji and canned pineapples from Del Monte. All this used to be made right here in Kenya. Don’t know what’s the current situation unless we ask imei and Bjurmann.

I’m surviving on compo 10 plus wild kungurus na sisumbui,mvinnyo ni Barros dry gin[ATTACH=full]208886[/ATTACH]

Many armed forces have field kitchens. But what happens when troops are on extended missions? You can’t cook for them food so they carry MRE packs to eat while doing their thing. KDF is supplied by South Africa high artificial meal which doesn’t look very good at all…

No anymore since 2015. KDF has been supplied by South Africa.

If anyone has a KDF ration kit from prior years the guy above in the video pays very good to eat them…

@Icecube leta information