Kenya could have won the maritime dispute with Somalia long time ago


Somalia wanted to solve the maritime dispute out of the court’s with Kenya

Kenya failed to show up for the talks twice. Forcing Somalia to go to ICJ


This shows Kenya doesn’t care if it loses to Somalia.

Treasonous if true! Why should this ever happen? Why should WSR, the only true uncle DP be associated with this. It must be a fake story, the most honest DP would not have planted his appendages to enjoy the trip at out expense.

Your trusted uncle’s always in the mix with his Line Up gang whenever Land issues and money are center stage… :D:D:D


Why shouldn’t our most meek Lord’s servant his excellency Dr William ‘The Bullock’s’ Arap Sumoei de Hustler, not ascend to the highest office? We deserve the pipeline issue, the Karura forest scandal and also the PEV issues, see Muteshi.

We deserve the most revered 6-star general who will become the only farmer number one, businessman number one, and perhaps Hustler number one.

I hope you guys look up the most common usage of the word ‘hustler’.

I haven’t read the story so I don’t know who dropped the ball but something tells me Monica Juma should have been fired by now

Do not expect Kenyans to have any patriotism. Everyone in a position to loot is doing exactly that. I pity this country. Dereva mlevi makanga Mwizi.

yaani mnakubaliana na kitu ya kufunga nyama hivo?

Tell us your version meffi

i now don’t care about this country , i wish a war breaks out ndio our population decreases or something … we are a useless , greedy people…

Motokubwa kesho Kuja Suswa tuengage swordfight priss

let kenya lose. it’ll be a lesson to us. and konyagi may decide to wake up from his perpetual drunken stupor.