Kenya certificate of sex education results are out.

Kids celebrating all over media houses as if they have won American lotto. Watajua hawajui. They will take HELB thinking it’s a reward and spend their remaining youthful years regretting. If you are talker and did KCSE, just go and study education. Kenyans are breeding like rats and they will require more teachers. And maybe Medicine. Hizo course zingine no takataka.

Pambana na hali yako. Acha watoto waishi kwa bubble kiasi

Starehe Boys iko wapi?

This is a life changing exam. Let the kids be please. These kids have really struggled with COVID upon them…wengine watapata results they don’t deserve.

MFW you know very well that KCSE is not a life changing exam. Being abroad you know how most C students can make it in life and have a good living. In Kenya we have made office jobs glamorous which has left big vaccum in trade industry.

Watu wa parellel program… Half baked mofos with law, communications and business degrees.

Competency based curriculum is the best. Hii maneno ya I have an A ya 1997 from Gaba Tulla High ama wale wa ‘when I was in Alliance’ should have ended like yesterday.

Most students getting below B usually think they are useless but that’s the engine of a growing economy.

Police officers should not be admitted with less than a C grade.

Most of them will make the stupid choice we all made and join campus without having an end goal in mind.

Tarmaking, harlotry, thievery, and joblessness will never in end in kenya

Where did I mention the relevance of grades? Then you go ahead and compare KCSE and say the equivalent which is the GCSEs…
In Kenya as it is the KCSE is a life changer in many many ways. Back to the post so these kids should not be excited or sad, they should just sit there emotionless?

Medicine graduates have been tarmacking for a few years now
Peleka mtoto TVET afanye plumbing ama electrical wiring

So what is the ideal skill/course in Kenya now?

Best thing ni kuwekea watoto biashara kubwa kubwa let them graduate and introduce them during vacations to your business.let them manage a small operation like a kiosk and if they Excell let them manage a bigger operation. And don’t give birth like a rat


Hii makasiriko sio ya kawaida.
Did HELB shaft you ?

Starehe is a dead giant

Khalwale kama Kawa representing the great luhya nation[ATTACH=full]363656[/ATTACH]

kcse is life changing in kenya, those 143k students with c+ and above will get chance for government subsidies in education , engineering they’ll pay less than 40k per year, .Kcse is life changing for the majority where education is the only route, most don’t have those businesses but rather common folks who’s parents struggle.
Some will get scholarships to abroad etc. The myth that it’s C & D students who excel is a huge lie,very few outliers excel, the rest wallow in extreme poverty or averages life.
Hata kama jobs are few, chances of getting one increases with better education even to succeed in business you need education.
Helb in kenya is a life changer, it has changed 1000s of lives.

No it isn’t a life changing exam. Unless you want to bring up employees, exams are just a rite of passage. Nothing wrong with passing them, nothing wrong with failing them either.

Re reading your comment and I agree with you somewhat except the part that it is life changing.

Only Khalwale can name a child ‘ENGINE’


What about employees?The rest is your view of exams, I do reserve the right to mine you know?