Kenya Being Middle Income Is Hot Air

It’s a politically correct gibberish to say you’re a step above somalia

high income economies (red), upper-middle income economies (pink), lower-middle income economies (light blue), and low-income economies (blue)

Ati angola and china are the same? Wharra you smoking?

Yes because of oil

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Angola is a rich country doofas. They would be richer too were it not for greed

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I would have said something nasty to you but ill let it slide.

Angola, Namibia and Botswana are a class above all subsaharan shithole countries. You can’t even compare Windhoek, Namibia to Nairobbery.

Kenyans think wako mbele sana. They’re always shocked to learn that they’re just a hair above failed states like Zoomalia.


Ni watu wako Nairobi and other urban areas hufikiria tuko mbele, watu wanaishi Tiaty wanajua ukweli kuhusu Kenya.

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Most tourists who arrive in Nairobi end up shocked at how developed it is. Some don’t believe some backward areas are still on the same country when they take a trip tu ukambani kwa kina @PHARMACY and they find people digging roots for a drop of water