Kenya at Japan

Bonobos have finished at a high note and we appreciate them.



Sasa Obiri atupatie iyo egesukari yake since she is at her retirement age

Well done to our bonobo athletes though it’s my belief that we can do much better than this and prolly finish in top five. We have a lot of untapped potential. For example, our bulky jaruos and baruhyas can compete and win in weightlifting and hammer and shotput throws. Even our Maasai can train and be champions in javelin.

walimaliza dafton mwitiki angeenda hata apateko bronze


The best olympics ever was 1988 where we had a fair representation of other tribes in the gold medal ranks. Then the Hit Squad was at its Zenith and no win can be equated to the knock out by the late wangila in the boxing welterweight finals. How about working on the 2024 olympics by nurturing talent from other tribes?

The wanjikus should also be untapped cz the like swimming in the stew

Who has refused other tribes to participate? Kaleos are naturally talented in running plus running reauires zero investment except a road and maybe a cheap shoe. That’s why it’s easy to pluck almost any nandi and they will win a race. Other tribes simply lack the genes to run.

The issue is with the national sports associations like KFK or KFA or FKF or whatever initials they use. People who have zero loyalty to the sport. Nakumbuka nongwe za swimming kuna time zilipeleka joyriders zikaacha broke niggas with talent wajisaidie.

long and short distance running ability is partly genetic (haemoglobin, leg to body ratio, chest cavity volume etc). these genes are not unique to rift valley. training facilities and motivation a must. similarly, other sports require different body types and is why Kenya can do well in other sports if talent can be identified and nurtured. Facilities for training in short races can be set up in Budalangi, Sio Port, Emuhaya and Kendu Bay and we will go far. Swimming facilities in Tana River and Lodwar can bear fruit. High altitude training facilities in mt marsabit and we have our own local ethiopians etc

Pia huko hakuna uwanja ama barabara. Nani amewakataza kukimbia. We have national and regional high school games where talent is identified. Nani amekataza waliya wakimbie waonekane. Running does not even need skill you just put one foot in front of the other until you reach the finish line. Ati stadium? Kwani ni stadium inakimbia

:D:D:D Low blow! I see what you did there…

BTW there’s a theory that blacks don’t make for very good swimmers… Something about our bone density being unfavorable. Of course more research is needed on this…

Who has denied the other bonobos from running or excelling in any field they deem best for them? Bonobos always find a reason to complain and blame someone for their shortcomings.

A Kalenjin athlete in RV always wake up at 3.00 am for training, knowing that running is one of the ways or gaining wealth. Who has prevented a Kikuyu in Central, or a Luhya in Western or Jaluo in Nyanza from doing that?

The Jaruo are unfit for most sport that require a measure of endurance. Most have red sickle cell, which developed to make them immune to malaria but red blood sickle cells are very poor in blood oxygen retention, which makes them useless in long distance and endurance challenges

Missionaries started sports movements wherever they were posted. Some scottish ones in western and nyanza cleared bushes to create a field and bounced a ball till curious bonobo came close and were shown the rules using diagrams etched on the ground with a stick. In RV I think Irish catholic brothers and nuns started a cross-country tradition that has persisted to this day. they got pupils and told them to run from the school to a landmark and come back, and the rest is history. This is the nurture component that had strong foundations in the said locations. Some of the best Kikuyu athletes manage to reach stardom when they train in foreign countries eg Wakiihuri. Others are nurtured in the millitary. If they were to start waking up early to train eg at gikambura or garakotherishararra they would be considered robbers and or get robbed. You will understand this nurture aspect when you get to know that current stars were once junior training partners with retired greats. its not merely about doing well in national athletics, some former starts traffic adolescents from their villages to training camps majuu. nyanza people are told by relatives working in eabl to come for trials and they get a slot. etc. its now all networks. thats why we get medals in a narrow range of disciplines.

What of the Mountain people?

Us guys are not talented in games and sports.

You’re suffering from low self-esteem. Find a way of getting over it.

Excelling in some things like running cannot be forced. It comes naturally for those who are talented and have passion to follow-up with intense training.

You can go force Kikuyus or Luos to run in order to catch up with Kalenjins but kama hakuna talanta na the necessary genes, hakuna! Period!

Wanker mwizi nini inakusumbua kaleo shoga

Peana mkundu polepole bila kunisumbua