Kenya and Somali Anti-terrorist Police foil a planned IED attack in Kenya

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Hessy wa zoomalia ako sawa


NKT… They should have been quiet about this arrest, then extract info slowly and quietly then eliminate.

Sasa kesho watapelekwa kwa Odunga halafu waachiliwe na bond


Why is there ATPU in somalia that’s like a having a minister of insecurity so as to address insecurity

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You are assuming too much. All that could already have been accomplished.

mbona hawakulishwa copper on the spot?

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Intel…it is wiser kuwachukua alive…wafinywe makende waseme siri zao…after all info has been extracted, they can then be gunned down.


My point is that there was no point in announcing their arrest because now they have to presented before our very lenient court system where they will be granted bail. It has happened in the past. Wangelishwa copper kimya kimya!

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Si wapelekwe KEMRI wafanyiwe human trials(human lab rats) za new drugs, These guys cant be that useless.

Not taken out so blatantly.
A body in a bag floating in river Ewaso Nyiro or left to rot out in the open us the much more favored modus operandi.

Its not even that. What i’m saying is that there is a purpose why this has been announced. They know what they are doing.

What does that even mean?? Anyway in my book it should have been done differently!

There is a bigger picture in play here.