Kenya and France sign Kshs 3.63 Billion for Northern Kenya High load Power Grid
President Uhuru Kenyatta and French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault witnessed the signing of the Credit Facility Agreement at State House, Nairobi.

Kenya and France Monday signed a deal of Sh3.63 billion for power grids in Northern Kenya counties, boosting the government’s efforts to provide affordable power to all Kenyans. President Uhuru Kenyatta and French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault witnessed the signing of the Credit Facility Agreement at State House, Nairobi. The deal will provide funds for a mini-grid retrofitting project that will be implemented by Kenya Power and will see installation of 9.5 MW additional power voltage in the counties. The counties will also get an additional 0.6 MW generated by wind power. The projects will involve the setting up of mini-grids in 23 sites including Banisa, Baragoi, Dadaab, Eldas, Elwak, Faza, Habaswein, Hola, and Hulugho. Other sites that will benefit from the funding are Kiunga, Mandera, Maikona, Merti, Mfangano, North Horr, Laisamis, Lokichoggio, Lokiriama, Lokitang, Lokori, Rhamu and Takaba. Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter signed the agreement on Kenya’s side. The signing ceremony was attended by Cabinet Secretaries Amina Mohamed (Foreign Affairs) and Henry Rotich (National Treasury). The funding is a major boost to the government’s efforts to ensure accessible, affordable, and reliable power to Kenyans.

Since 2013, the government has doubled the number of citizens connected to the grid from around 13 million to some 25 million.

In the last two years, over 14,000 schools have been connected to electricity, which means 23,000 are now connected to power.

Over 40 new substations have also been commissioned since the Jubilee Government came to office, raising power generation from 1,765 MW to more than 2,422 MW.


Jubilee government badhaee!!!

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When french become involved in deals it worries me alot .these guys are silent killers worse than chinese .these mf own the country Benin or Togo literally . Any mineral mined even if you find gold outside your house ,it’s your responsibility to take it to France embassy in Togo (on paper but not reality on the ground) hope we aren’t selling our souls to the devil …


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That will be a non starter in .ke

Be careful of the French. They are the first people who attacked Libya because of some selfish interests with the satellite communication. Don’t think the French are just people you can just joke around with they start with something small soon or later they end up with something huge that you cannot control over alright. Just my thoughts clear

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Kagame kicked them out of Rwanda, I know they are interested in the Turan water to.

Watch and see . France has no minerals or anything to drive their economy , more than 60% of their money comes from Africa .
Whoever has patience to watch this to the end and you will understand especially from 7.28 minutes into the clip.dont joke with French people

What do the French get in return?

They supply the equipment. Of late India, China, US and Japan have started getting into supplying our electric grip materials. They are just trying to secure their companies hold. Power loans are very risk free for Treasury. It pays itself from subscribers payment bills every month. If they connect 100k-500k in North Kenya the fees alone a month pays the loan plus interest easily and spurs economic activity and growth in the region.

@spear do you work in State House PR office? kiuliso tu

@spear works for the PR government

No, and just for the record just because you agree with government doesn’t mean you are in government. In 2013 6 million Kenyans voted for this government. Are they all in government

Yes. hehe

I also support the gava. ilikuwa kiuliso tu

Relax i know, i have noticed from all your post you remain positive on the development projects.

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