Kenya and China loans

Juzi I was having lunch with a fren and they went on to gimme break down of China loans since Chupilee took over the reigns ama ni rains. I was like boss, mambo ya Chupilee government finances achia Robert Ouko Auditor General , this is why I am avoiding news coz staki kusikia shida zenye ziko Kenya. Alafu unanipeleka lunch to gimme an excruciating blow by blow breakdown of deni za China? Am tired of this whining ,Wakenya tukubali kupambana na hali yetu vilivyo bila kusumbua somebody can not even enjoy their lunch juu ya loans za China .Kenyans let us accept our collective destiny borne out of our own tribal sycophancy. As long as it has not gotten to Moi era where we had permanent power and water rationing , no roads,no elec,no water, inflation reached almost 80% , if it has not reached there , staki kujua, let them borrow till they drop. We are here to pay loans as our descendants to the tenth generation. Tuko pamoja ndungu zanguni na kunguni woooote??? Are we together? Mafeelings pelekeni Hague! Those who have issues seek political asylum elsewhere sawa? If its any consolation Jesus may return soon so 666 is a more immediate concern than Loans.

7 threads between 10AM and 4 PM, with minimum responses if any.
7= :(:frowning:
Are you okay madam? Are you lonely madam? Do you need to talk to someone? Sometimes I read your long threads with zero responses and I feel sad. You have a mental problem and its so sad that you can’t see it. :(:(:frowning: Nobody else will tell you but I will. Please seek help.

Kuwa mpole, let her be. Let her have fun when she has the energy. It does not last long, remember ‘nerfertities’ alikuwa na mioto and you hardly see her around nowdays

From my assessment, she is actually very intelligent/booksmart than most of us. But she has a major problem looking for attention.

Histrionic Personality Disorder maybe?

A qualified psychologist will tell you that her problem exists somewhere in the continuum of mental illnesses.

If it is attention I was looking for si I would just post nasty posts about how I went to a flea ridden motel in South B like anatha one I saw coz those are the stories pipo here like? I post what I fancy, and since I am on the upper percentile , majority cant relate and thats why my posts have minimum responses if any. We endelea kufeel sad.You should btw for having low IQ. You feel sad over China Loans obsessin but you dont feel sad that a grown ass man went to a flea ridden motel with some random prolly HIV POz woman and did a group thingy with her ? You’re freaking retarded is whats SAD. If I was lonely I would be here after work hours and during weekends and holidays. The lonely ones are you who must wait for me to come back from my Easter Holiday in Zanzibar to post again. The lonely ones are the ones who have the time to psychoanalyze me like you.When I dont know or care for your opine from a bar of soap. Btw what do you post ? Ive never seen anything youve posted that made me notice you enuff to even comment about ur sanity.

What you think is what you think, it doesnt change whether 5 million people respond or nobody responds, you need others to validate your opinion, I dont, my opinion remains as valid whether noone responds to it or its an avalanche.

Please dont compare me to Nyef Nyef Shisha. I feel insulted.

The first stage is denial. You can’t see it but everyone else can. :frowning:

Everyone was killing Jews in the holocaust - numbers dont mean TRUTH