Kenya Also Needs A Revolution To Depose The Corrupt & Greedy Kenyatta Kingdom Like Mali

This Parasitic dynasty of Kenyatta, Moi and Biwott families have held Kenyans hostage for too long. They hold land to the tune of millions of acres which they NEVER acquired legally while some Kenyans don’t even have grave space.

It is time to overthrow these despots

Hii Mali si ndo niliskia ilihold election just recently ama? Either way I hope we can borrow a leaf from them??

Kenya ni ngumu sana. Mtu wetu syndrome na tokenism itamaliza kenya

Kenya ile revolution iko kubwa kabisa huwa ni pale KOT na hupiganwa na keyboard warriors wenye wakimaliza kupost wanaenda kununua token za stima from KPLC yenye wametoka kucriticize…na wanaogea kwa maji ya karae(yenye alinunua kwa mtu wa mkokoteni) juu hakuna maji kwa tap au shower…na kwa profile picture amepigwa picha akikunya yoghurt ya ilara

We are a passive people.

With the water shortages in most parts of Nbi, watu wengi huoga na hio maji ya basin.

But even if they give up their land, I hope it doesn’t lead to large slums. We have to get out of the 50 by 100 mentality because even in the most prosperous nations, farmers constitute a small percentage of the population.

I think Kenya will reach a breaking point in the next decade or so.

i read somewhere ill acquired wealth or was it family??? never goes to the third generation successfully,the future might be promising for kenya…otherwise may we sink deeper until a critical mass says enough is enough

in the USA George Washington family has land almost the size of a state. then i would like to know where the Kenyattas have “millions of acres” of land


@Ndindu leo umeongea kitu ya maana.

[COLOR=rgb(40, 50, 78)]Are you seriously comparing the size of USA to Kenya?


Totally wrong mentality
They are never going to give up anything
It has to be taken from them wapende wasipende
There should NOT be a situation were they can say they gave Kenyans LAND
It should be Kenyans took back their LAND

Breaking point meaning revolution ama civil war